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1. Darr

2. Ddlj

3. Dtph



6.Bajrangi Bhaijaan



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Its Aamir's bad luck imo to be in the same era with two massive superstars SRK and Salman and get sandwiched between the two which affected his stardom fan following and getting limelight badly despite doing the best movies among the three khans

He just could not get to the top and being the biggest star of the industry like the other two khans , as earlier it was dominated by srk and then salman ,also his volume of hits is very less compared to other big stars

Had he been in some other era he could have been the Dilip Kumar of the industry

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Aamir could not get to the top mainly because of his low volume..the huge blockbusters are not always guaranteed so it's a bad decision to do 1 movie in 2 years. Also I think aamir doesn't like much limelight..and most people agree that he has done the best movies among the stars of his time. His volume is just too low to become the top star. This decade he'll probably do only 5 films.


@jass yes he is legendary no doubt


@kkr yes his volume hit him the most , hopefully his volume increase coz age is also a huge factor but i think he will venture into direction he has a great cinematic mind


though i am a srk fan but i wont deny aamir has the best body of work among the khans and he is a incredible talent

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Srk was the best man to do those movies and so was Salman. Luck hoti hai har movie ki.

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Lagaan - Rejected By Srk

Ghajini - Rejected By Salman

3 idiots - Rejected By Srk ( which Directly means PK doesn't made with aamir)

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Laggan was never offered to srk


Abhay, Lagann was offered to srk first. He rejected it hence it went to Aamir. From Munnaibhai MBBS to 3 idiots to Robot, SRK was the first choice for many of these biggies. Too bad it didn't work out.


No Lagaan was first Offered to Aamir but he wasnt impressed with the original script initially and called it bizarre then makers Approached Shahrukh

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Aamir Khan was offered Sanjay Dutt's role in Saajan and HAHK was written for Salman Khan and was confirmed before May 1990

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