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It's a long post but please read it and share your views. I'll give the best answer.

Four Blockbusters and 2x 300cr WW. Soon to be HGOTY for Tanhaji which will upgrade his career.

Note: Credit goes to Saurabh who's Salman Khan fan on Facebook. He knows I'm a devoted Ajay Devgn fan hence he made this post on there. I'm still very greateful to this day.

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A very good actor, but still feel he hasn't got his due. The best is yet to come for him with the releases he has.

The problem is that like Akshay, he does many films a year and only 1 or max 2 will be huge grossers. The mistake was doing the artsy type roles in the early 2000s. While Bhagat Singh was a great film and got him his 2nd National Award, it wasn't a box office friendly film.

Then he starred in really bad films like Rascals, Himmatwala and Action Jackson but always had the Golmaal Series, Singham and spectacular performances in OUATIM, Raajneeti and the epic villain in Khakee. He excels in serious roles, probably the only actor who can perform a role with so much ease. The one actor who emotes with his eyes.

Sadly, if you have a look at his filmographies, he has never had a hattrick of successes which always puts a dent on his stardom. But now I feel he is in his golden phase.

Golmaal Again, Raid, Total Dhamaal, DDPD and now Tanhaji. 5 back to back successes with more to come! Bhuj, Maidaan, Kaithi remake, Thank God and the speculated Raid 2 and DDPD 2.

Like Akshay, he is in the best phase of his life now and with multiple releases coming up soon, he will have some big records to his name!

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I believe the offbeat movies from Zakhm onwards allowed him to reinvent himself and experiment with different roles. He took a risk when his own contemporaries did not do that. Then the change in 2006 brought him to back to commercial movies with Golmaal: Fun Unlimited.

Bad films you mention were done for friendship and money which almost ruined his career despite Hit films he with Rohit Shetty.

Problem today is Ajay doesn't have multiplex pull and I believe he knows it hence he did films like Golmaal, Total Dhamaal, De De Pyaar De and etc. You can tell he's really trying his best hence his upcoming films are a good balance between masses and classes like Akshay.

Plus, his mass following kinda limited to Maharashtra, Gujarat and Bihar. Whilst other actors like Akshay have strong pull-up North such as Delhi and Punjab. Also, East in Bengal.

He's in his golden phase right now. I believe he has gotten his due with Tanhaji and HGOTY will happen as you said in the other post. Frankly, I see him giving much bigger grossers with the Golmaal 5 and Singham 3. Kaithi remake & Chanakya can do well but it needs a very good release date for it do 200cr


Yes he has a very strong pull in Maharashtra, Gujarat side but not that great in North India.

I don't like him much in comedy roles as it doesn't suit him much. Serious roles is what he is best in. I don't mind watching Shivaay as though the screenplay dragged a bit, but his acting in such serious roles is highly impressive.

But like you said, the serious roles aren't very massy, that's why he hasn't been able to strike a chord with both masses and classes, hence G4 and TD were made.

I am really excited for Kaithi remake. The original was a pure mass entertainer. Can't say much about the others yet. G5 and Singham 3 will always be on my watchlist, but I don't think Rohit Shetty is in any mood to direct another cop film and a solid script is required for G5.

Tanhaji being the HGOTY is a huge achievement for him yes, but that film was heavily Maharashtra dominated. I believe he still has much more in him to make that pan India film and I feel Kaithi is that movie to watch out for.

PS - Forgot to add RRR in the list I mentioned. Don't know how substantial his role will be, but another film to watch!

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Before coming to Ajay, let me correct one wrong information about Salman being 3rd biggest star of 2000's decade.
He wasnt as the Top 5 would be
These 4 are in Top 4. Salman would come below them in 2000's decade.

Now back to the post, well I would say my view on Ajay is that I don't remember much films of his on 90's as I used to watch whichever films comes on TV channel (mostly would be SRK Salman HR and Akshay).
During 2000 I used to like Bhagat singh, Raju chacha (too much) and Golmaal series.

From 2010 I started liking him and knowing his Boxoffice hold from Singham and since then he has been in Top league giving big grossers.
Apart from Boxoffice, I like his acting skills specially in Intense mode. I dislike his comedy skill as I feel he isn't good at comedy, though films are doing well because of the FILM being nice and except Golmaal 1/2 he wasn't that good in other comedy films.

While watching Singham, the background music and Ajay's intense powerful acting made me feel like hitting my friend who was sitting beside me. This kind of enthusiast I was while watching the movie.

His last film Tanhaji was very good in all aspects and Ajay deserved it.

Hope his upcoming films will also generate this huge grossers.

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Lol..akshay on 4..hahaha..He would be out of top 50 any decade any time..back to back 35flops from 1995 to 2007...hahaha


imo akshay or aamir should be ahead of hrithik in 2000s decade, he should be at number 3 or 4 ,

he was already called a one movie wonder as post his debut all his movies got bombed at the box office till kmg and and he just had 1 solo hit from 2000 to 2006 with multiple flops and disasters in between

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one of the few actors I feel happy when he achieves sth

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Ajay devgn is terrific in intense roles and both he and akshay are in the best phase and a top tier superstar now
I dont like him in comic roles in Golmaal series but otherwise he is a great actor , also e should not have let go movies like Border and Darr
Also if i may , i think his looks also came in his way , we are heavily fair complexion preferring country

Also in 2000s decade SRK Akshay Aamir should be the top three stars, hrithik should be at number 3 or 4 , he had a disaster decade if you remove 2006 , his movies post debut bombed continously and he had only 1 hit for 6 years post debut

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If he had done Border then he would have one HGOTY, ATBB and 3+cr footfalls. Hopefully, Tanhaji will put this to rest when it becomes HGOTY.

I agree about his looks because Mithun faced the same issue. His dark-skinned tone why he's not isn't popular in North India compared to Maharashtra and Gujarat. Same goes for Rajnikanth as well. That's why their films don't do well in those regions.


Mumbo jumbo, knph, k3g, kmg,krrish, dhoom2....beyond the reach of your favorite actor. Take your jealousy somewhere else. Trade also recognizes HR was the only threat to srk then.


@nikeel bhai tanhaji is HGOTY confirmed , no movie is crossing 270 cr before 2022 also i heard he rejected few other blockbusters in 90s

@intense lol look at his performance that decade, in k3g he was only in second half mainly and srk kajol amitabh all had bigger role than him , its stupid to credit him for k3g he was basically a 3rd or 4th lead in that movie

he was a threat lol he was already called a one film wonder by the media back then before papa came to his rescue otherwise it was pack up for him even when he had a dream debut when all his films were failing miserably

from 2000 to 2005 he has single hit post debut , with multiple flops and disasters
from 2006 to 2010 he doesn't have a single hit excluding 2006 with multiple flops and disasters

both akshay and aamir were ahead of him i would place him on 3rd or 4th position at best

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Phenomenal actor. And excels most at intense roles. He lost his way a bit with shits like rascal, action Jackson etc, but he's back on track. I believe just like Akshay his best is also yet to come.

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Ajay lacked consistency but now his upcoming films look promising..next 5 years can be big for him if g5, s3 and that final cop movie with Akshay and ranveer become bb.. honestly I never thought tanhaji would be such a big grosser. Though not suitable for box office.. I have liked ajay's performance in zakhm, apaharan and bhagat Singh the most.

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He along with Aamir are the best actors of their generation. One might agrue about SRK here but he is very weak in Comedy.
Ajay have managed to survive in the industry against all the odds. Other then his brilliant acting skills he didn't have much to offer initially as he didn't had great looks, physic or dancing skill. If not for him then any other would have to stay contented with playing charcter roles. But, he managed to break the stereotype and made the most of his talent. Today he is amongst the top 6 Superstars the industry have. The best thing is one of 3 among the top 6 with rising graph so there are chances of him even having a shot at no1 position in near future.

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Who's the other one besides Akki and Ajay?


Hrithik is going up I guess.

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Nice article whoever written it. Agree with all his points.

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Perhaps ajay is the best actor of the 1990s along with aamir.

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I agree......

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