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From what i can recollect from my childhood frrom magazines and interviews ,Subhash ghai was given the most weightage He was referred to as Showman of Indian Cinema

But YASH CHOPRA was relatively more senior figure with almost one decade earlier directorial debut than him  and more body of work .

In some India today article of around 1994 - 95 (read  recently on internet by Anupama Chopra) , it stated Subhash Ghai was the biggest name among the directors.

So who the biggest figure in the industry during late 80s and 90s in directors/producers.
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Personally in the 90s,how much I wish a movie of Subhash Ghai for Salman Khan and Pardes was the only movie of Shahrukh Khan I watched 4 times in the theatre.

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pardes i saw last night for the first time and i was surprised by how much i liked it , i thought it was a average movie as i had seen it in bits and parts but did not liked it ,
but i watched it complete yesterday and i loved it

directors like subhash ghai , sooraj barjatya were the quintessential hindi cinema directors they made movie in sync with to indian culture and sensibilities without any western inspiration , i so miss those 90s movies


'Ganga chali to kaha ' and the boat scene brought tears then


yes first hour was the best , i liked the last 10 minutes / climax with that song the most , music was outstanding overall with every song being excellent

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Yash Chopra. He had huge achievements before too. SG was a big figure too, but not close to YC.

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overall yes , but in 90s subhash ghai was the bigger figure in the industry imo