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List of bowlers with 500 test wickets or more:

James anderson: 589*

Glenn Mcgrath: 563

Courtney Walsh: 519

Stuart Broad: 501*

*:denotes still playing.

I wish Dale steyn had kept fit, he could have made it to this list too
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4th fast bowler to get to 500 wickets right?


shajandeepu, yes. Haven't included spinners here.

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I see subcontinent fans crying again, i think they hate England more than any other country.

But they don't matter, excellent performance by Broad, he's obviously one of great bowler, and all time great for England along with Anderson, congratulations to him for achieving this milestone.

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Yeah totally. You cannot play 150 tests being one dimensional. They've outdone everyone as far as longevity and fitness is concerned

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Congo to Broady,well deserved 500 wickets

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In the club of four in 142 years of international cricket, what an achievement. Go Broad to get 63 more.

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two cloud bullies in that list with legendary bowlers, what a shame !!!

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Clearly you were in school when ABD chased down 414 in Australia and won a test match for SAF.

Or when he stonewalled for 220 balls to get 33 runs and draw a test at Adelaide. Or the 278 at Abh Dhabi at Pak. Or being a class apart in India.

There are many more, but I wont argue. I dont argue with school kids. A kid who believes in the myth of AB being a t20 slogger shouldn't be invited for an argument in the first place.

I remember you saying Waugh and Ponting ain't a patch on Steve Smith. Wake me up when Smith as captain can face an attack led by Ambrose as Waugh did in 1995 at Jamaica or what Ponting did in the 2005 ashes....as captain. But then disgraced players seem to be your cup of tea it seems. So much for knowledge.


even vvs laxman had played better innings in tests than that tier 3 player

as i said earlier go n discuss and sing praises with your t20 homies about him ,i m not interested in discussing about abd


Nice. Comparing a one format player with a multi dimensional one. And yet again ignoring my paragraph on former Aussie captains. Your lack of knowledge yet again exposed badly.

Now go and read the roar. Memorize a few lines from here and there and spurt them out here on unrelated posts


one dimensional or hyper dimensional abd is tier 3 batter

and yes smith is the best batter for aussies in the modern era , perhaps their all time best batsmen
and the best batsmen of the current era

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congratulation for this milestone.....it is not easy for fast bowler to fit this longer and remain consistent throughout the years ...this is same bowler who got trashed by yuvraj for 6 sixes in an overs 13 years ago......now he is 4th most prolific bowler of all time

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kangana be like
he did this only because of Chris broad

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Well he is not the kind of bowler that most would have thought will go this long when he was hit for 6 sixes in an over by Yuvraaj. Great career achievement for him. Maybe the least talented of all but still a great bowler.

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