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Bad choice....
Shahid/ Varun/ Ranveer would hv looked better.


Absolutely.. The original was an average movie that was carried by Allu Arjun screen presence, style, dance, songs and charisma and which of these does Kartik Aryan has?

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i dont think it will work with north audience

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Waiting for outsiders are being tortured gang to comment. KA has done pretty well for himself despite not being from the industry.

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Yes he has done pretty well sure.. And he's blessed with some one to back him who with but that's coz he has delivered some good ones and hits all over.. Though I don't feel this remake is a right one for him..

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I think many have watch that movie in Netflix with subtitles already considering how famous the songs were. Let's see how this turns out.

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Agree but I don't think any such movie with high number of views on YouTube or any other platform will have much of an impact if the remake is well made.. But here the original itself was an average movie which succeeded just for the charisma and style n mannerisms of Allu Arjun which was used to the max by director.. I highly doubt the remake will succeed.. The movie was about Allu Arjun's style, class, dance, songs and action which Kartik has none..