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Despite mediocre acting skills and cases against him. Salman is backing Hawa singh. What's the need?... Now due to Sooraj, Salman and all the khans are unnecessarily being attacked on social media.
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Yes family friends.

Aditya Pancholi & Zarina Wahab are family friends with many other bollywood hotshots. And it's not like they're more into showcasing it by partying or anything. This is the kind of relationship where whenever the Pancholi family is down, the Khans come out to help with Salman being in the forefront. Forget Sooraj, when Aditya Pancholi was down and jobless, it was Salman who had him cast in Bodyguard and Jai Ho. Why forget how close is rest of bollywood to them? Afterall both Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab have been in the industry for 3 decades, obvious they've earned friendship.

What is the relation with them being friends with Salman affecting anybody else? He believed in Sooraj's talents, got him on board as assistant director, mentored him and eventually launched him with Athiya Shetty. Look, talent is always there, succeeding with it is upto the indivdual. If Sooraj was not messy in signing films, he rejected a film opposite Ajay Devgn and cancelled another, with Satellite Shankar releasing 4 years after Hero. No fresh face does that. Even Salman Khan concentrating on Aayush, Warina, Isabelle Kaif, Zaheer & Pranutan, he forgot about Sooraj's way of selecting films considering he wasn't outright rejected like Athiya. Even Hawa Singh is not "backed" by Salman but just getting promoted.

Now, to something that concerns you. Aamir Khan will be attacked because of his religion and the very fact he was anti-Modi once upon a time. Salman Khan is the powerful name so the loudness. Srk will be the main one to be targeted and very immediate target after him has been/ is being/ will be Aamir Khan. Subbu Swamy is the one to say Aamir has terrorist connection and his movies are funded by terrorists, even profits paid back to them. This came out during PK too. Was Salman or Shah Rukh responsible for that? You can't change that by pointing your finger at some other actor.


Ya i know. Swamy is behind khans for a long time. Now he is linking ssr's death with them. Not just him, People all over social media if u have noticed have gone frenzy blaming mainly salman. I'm not understanding salman's fault or any other actor.. But that made me curious. If salman stops backing sooraj, he will be left alone and not be attacked. Now due to sooraj, he is facing so much negativity.Don't u think so?


I'm scared now coz everywhere boycott khans is trending..... I'm sure u are aware of this too!.
This time the voices are very very strong.. Kangana blew the whistle and attacked kjo/bhatt etc. Media took that are brought khans into this whole debate.


Khans are hatred due to their religion, no matter what they do, they will be hatred.
So no need to worry. Divider in chief will always go after them to brain wash his fellow supporters and his puppet arnab will continue to spoon feed religious extremists.
They have to live it with, India is bound face the consequences, they have choosen him twice.

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