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The film I can effin wait to see because Yash was terrific in the prequel. I look forward to seeing him and Sanju Baba face off in a mass scene. It would great be seeing Raveena Tandon in substantial role after a long time.

This may be 300cr both North and South region. Only if it's good and I'm sure it will.

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Loved the first part, saw it some time back. Definitely looking forward to seeing Yash and Baba face off in the 2nd part.

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eagerly waiting for it....

When watched the first part/time in 2018...liked the film ..
but for the second time (Amazon)- recently only...last month...somehow found it pretty good/loved it more!!....
Loved Yash performance.....and frankly speaking after Baahubali...this is the film for which I am waiting for its sequel!!!!
On a personal note - My Phone Ringtone (after watching the film last month) - is now the background music of the song - Nanna re song - its really a good song..and instantly touches your heart !!!!..Hope they use it in the second part also....and my 5/5 rating is already done!!!!!

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