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Madhubala, the name itself creates an image of a Celestial Beauty with dancing eyes and a lop-sided smile, a perfect blend of exquisite looks and sensuality.

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y do we need to compare madubala to monroe , she was more beautiful than monroe infact indian actress are the most beautiful ones

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Acting Legend Dilip Kumar & Singing Legend Kishor Kumar were bestowed by her beauty!
That itself speaks the volumes of her beauty.

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No wonder she had a long list of men who were mesmerized by her. She is a breathtaking beauty.

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Kangana is way more beautiful than madhubala...

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Aishwarya , Madhuri, Sonali Bendre ,Meenakshi S , Katrina Kaif are way more beautiful than Madhubala

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@mj....madhubala was best looking actress, no question....actors of any era will choose madhubala over any actress...sonali is beautiful no doubt..but u will find many actress today who looks similar or better than her because they maintain themselves....u will not find madhubala's beauty on screen because of low quality camera and picture....aaj to malaika arora bhi khoobsoorat lagti hai 50 age me..camera ka work jyada hota hai..


there are atleast 10-15 more bollywood actress that are better looking than madhubala ,
i have seen her pics in HD too she was very good looking no doubt , in that era both her and saira bano were beautiful


may be that is ur opinion.....there are many actresses of her time like waheeda rehman, saira bano, nalini jaywant were known as beautiful actresses but Madhubala has regarded by every one the most beautiful actress of all time...there are many actress of in 70s and 80s, 90s too, like Bindiya Goswami, Tina munim, Dimple kapadia, poonam dhilon, meenakshi Juhi, madhuri,....but every body used to compared with Madhubala....Madhuri was never called a beautul actresses of her time until HAHK...people used to called her smile always resemble madhubala's smile...


Lol..you are comparing plastic face with high quality makeups in these era actress with that era beauty with original face? You need to learn the fact that those whose you find so beautiful are plastic on them ..moreover with makeup shit watch them without makeup you will be frightened

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