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Filmmaker duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, who made their Hollywood debut with the recent action film Bad Boys for Life, have said that if the franchise is ever remade in India, Shah Rukh Khan should star in it. The duo said that coming from Morocco, they’re huge fans of SRK.

Asked if they’d be up for an Indian remake, Adil told IANS, “Well, you know, it would be an honour to begin with. Because Bollywood is like the biggest movie industry in the world, and we come from Morocco. They’re big Bollywood fans, and the biggest star in the world is still Shah Rukh Khan. So we hope that he (the Indian director) would have Shah Rukh Khan in the movie.”

Adil continued, “You’ve got to have him. In Bad Boys, there are a lot of bright colours that match with Bollywood cinema, where you have bright colours. It’s exotic. So, you have a lot of similarities, and the costumes (are bright, too). But I think you’re gonna have to use more music. It has to be a little bit more epic action with musical elements.” Bilall added, “I would be super excited to see a Bollywood version of Bad Boys. I’m behind it.”

Bad Boys for Life, the third instalment of the long-running action franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as bantering cops, remains the highest grossing film of the year. It released in January, and had essentially completed its theatrical run before the coronavirus pandemic shut down movie theatres globally.

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i , for one take immense pride that an Indian actor is constantly referred as the biggest movie star on the planet every now and then , people should rise from personal hate and fan wars to atleast credit someone who brings India so much fame
to start from a middle class humble background to rose into global recognition is an incredible feat
i hope ranbir kapoor too carry this legacy forward

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Fyi nobody knows Ranbir overseas. Lived in UK since a very very long time. Except for SRK, nobody else has that identity and power overseas. Ranbir ko India men jaan le wahi boht hai.

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He's the biggest and the most visible superstar overseas for sure. People who aren't aware of Bollywood also know him. Its a matter of pride for us.

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Well that's not a surprise, many in the past have said that too.
He's no doubt the biggest force in overseas for a long time now, when someone from West refers our Khan as the biggest star it feels great.
Irony is our own government and media hate that man and also the people blinded by hatred.

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Indeed he is...india waale maane na maane Hollywood wale jarur maante hai

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Lol..noce joke

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yes all these were joking saying same about srk

Spectator Index
David Lettermen
Adli el Arbi
James Cameron
Chris Anderson
Brett Ratner


World biggest star jiski movie ki lifetime collection 180cr hota hai worldwide..lol..next joke please


just imagine the amount of fame he earned in his career that even in his bad times he gets these accolades from world over

and anyway whether he will mind what global media and outlets says about him or what the biggest joker of this forum like you think about him

even i am surprised that i am arguing with a clown like you


Then why the hell are you barking under my answee!! so called actor ki fan..lol..80cr in christmas holiday with 350cr budgeted movie..superstar my foot ...

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