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The All Time Blockbuster is the highest verdict a movie can achieve (well at least for now unless BOI again smokes something and comes up with Super ATBB). In the 90s it was more possible (not easy though)  for a movie to become an ATBB because if the movie had long legs then it would get there eventually. Khans are the only ones to give an ATBB who debuted in the 90s. Actually after Khans, no other actor has been able to achieve that feat. Here's the list of those who are yet to give an ATBB and when can we expect them to give an ATBB!

1. Ajay Devgn:

The man is a talent warehouse! He has got all the roles on his resume. Action, comedy, love story you name it. He has done it all. But that big blockbuster is still awaited. His future projects do not look promising if you want them to be ATBB though they will be hits. His run off late has been phenomenal.

2. Hritik Roshan:

He has given ATG but that ATBB still evades him. Again he's a man who came within a whisker of a 300 grosser, yet he works so less that it looked like a one off affair. Krrish 4 looks set for a good run, if it is made on a grand premise we should be ready for a modern ATBB!

3. Akshay Kumar:

Volume is there. He may end up with most movies and hits among his contemporaries but the big grossers are almost non existent. The reason being that his movies rarely look grand or they don't give the feel that an event movie does. He is in the form of his life, Suryavanshi was a guaranteed SH/BB and who knows may have even been an ATBB. His good will with the audience is at an all time high with a crapfest like HF4 doing 200 cr! His fans must be hoping to get that monkey off their shoulders with a monster grosser.
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@Seinfeld: yeah. and TB meant Dhoom 3. He also meant to say Housefull 2 instead of Housefull 3. Added 1 to each :p


LOL You again said Dhoom 3 Haha but Dhoom 2 was an ATG AFAIK



it's Dhoom 2. But Charlie and TB say that it didn't cross Gadar's gross collection so it is not an All Time "Grosser".



It wasn't ATG, it didn't crossed the gross of Gadar.

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An ATBB is going to be very difficult right now for any actor to achieve. A film would need more than 400cr to get this, and this is approx 2.8-3cr footfalls.

Considering the last film to cross 3cr was TZH, Sanju fell just short of 3cr and last year Kabir Singh was the most watched film with 2.5cr (approx). Even War with the large scale and canvas couldn't touch 3cr footfalls, it is going to be very difficult for any film to achieve such figures.

400cr will definitely be achieved, but that would be when ATP is around Rs. 190 (currently between 155-160).

Next bet would be LSC for sure. And if the Hirani-SRK film goes on floors, it might get the ATBB.

Of course, that depends on what the criteria for an ATBB is and what the criteria for Super Blockbuster.

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600 cr ka business karna hoga aaj ke date per.

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to get to an ATBB, you need pan India superstars who can get audience into the cinemas. Khans have proven in the past that with legitimately good movies, they can get the required amount of audiences in the cinema, while Akki and Ajay have never come close (despite having those great movies). HR can also but he doesn't focus on his action image.

Today I believe only Aamir and Salman are big enough to get that ATBB if the movie is good enough. For SRK even if he gives that movie, it will be used to build up his good will.

I don't think Ajay and Akshay will ever be the lead of an ATBB. HR can if he starts making 3 action movies in 2 years.

What I want for SRK is an ATBB that is also an ATG. He doesn't have that yet.

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I hope now boi doesn't add another verdict like super duper atbb..Akshay and Ajay may never have that unless they do event films.. Rohit's movie with his 3 cops may achieve that, but it depends on sooryavanshi and s3. Other than khans Ranbir can give it with brahmastra if it ever releases.

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Ajay Devgn had a chance to give an ATBB when he was offered Border (Akshaye Khanna's role) but he rejected it because he felt there too many characters. Out of the films rejected, he should have done Border and it would have been his biggest movie till in terms of footfalls.

3.70cr is huge for any star.

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Quite unlikely. ATBB is very tough unless something exceptional happens.

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I don't see ATTB happening anytime sooner. Last real ATBB from Bollywood was Dangal I believe. BOI need to be quite lenient to put BB, PK and even 3idiots in ATBB zone.
Coming to the actors you mentioned I think RS Cop universe finale have a very big chance but then again it will be a three hero project or you say 4 hero project because RS is more like a leading man. In near future I only see Aamir getting the tag. Ranbir have a chance with Bhramastra but it can got the BV way as well.
For Hrithik K4 can do it but mahn they really need to make it that way not like K3 where Rakesh Roshan was on cost cutting mode for even the smallest of things.

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Sandeep, they cannot make k4 like that. K3 had laughable cartoonish vfx. Such stuff will be outright rejected today. Though atbb is still out of question for it, even if made well.

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Govinda in Aankhe which was genuine ATBB

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Yeah but Govinda ran out of gas pretty fast


pretty fast??? till 1999 he was good completer to srk...and by 2001 he was giving successful movies....


He debut around the same time as Salman. Salman is still there ruling and Govinda fizzled out 20 years ago. That is pretty fast.


Govinda's peak was done by turn of the millennium. He couldn't survive and keep up with the times like the Khans/Akshay/Ajay from his generation did.

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Those who has not given atbb should never be called a superstar.

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you need 600+ today fot atbb

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