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1. Rowdy Rathore - 2,00,95,000

2. 2.0 - 1,65,84,000

3. Housefull 2 - 1,57,62,000

4. Housefull 4 - 1,52,00,000 Approx

5. Good Newwz - 1,42,00,000 Approx

6. Holiday - 1,39,78,000

7. Mission Mangal - 1,36,56,000

8. Toilet - 1,31,35,000

9. Rustom - 1,26,42,000

10. Airlift - 1,24,83,000

11. Housefull - 1,18,73,000

12. Housefull 3 - 1,16,94,000

13. Jolly LLB 2 - 1,16,53,000

14. Kesari - 1,13,47,000

15. OMG! Oh My God - 1,09,19,000

16, Gabbar Is Back - 1,07,43,000

17. Tees Maar Khan - 95,26,000

18. Khiladi 786 - 94,32,000

19. Baby - 89,76,000

20. Singh Is Bling - 82,74,000

21. Entertainment - 82,58,000

22. Brothers - 82,57,000

23. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai - 80,49,000

24. Gold - 78,94,000

25. Special 26 - 77,53,000

26. Thank You - 70,12,000

27. Boss - 69,23,000

28. Padman - 69,05,000

29. Khatta Meetha - 66,21,000

30. Desi Boyz - 64,73,000

31. Patiala House - 49,35,000

32. Action Replyy - 42,56,000

33. Joker - 28,12,000

34. The Shaukeens - 18,79,000

Total = 34,01,99,000 Approx

Average = 1,00,05,852 Approx

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7.1cr footfall in a span of 14 months. Thats something really really huge. This year would have been even bigger if not for the Pandemic.

answered by Production Accountant (27.4k points)

even in last year hrithik 3 month - 3.5 cr FF in just 2 movie without diwali, new year .


Bhai 14 mahine aur 5 saal mein fark nahi hai kya
Aur 3.5cr footfall bahut normal baat hai Akki ne bahut baar kiya hai last time was 2016 and before that 2012 mein kiya tha Megastar Bhai ne bhi kiya hai kaafi baar. Aamir ne toh 1 hi mobie mein karke dikhaya hai. So ye hota rehta hai. Ye bata last time kissi actor ne ek saal mein 6cr foofalls kab diye the?


Akshay might not give bb..but he has been the most consistent since 2016. And Hrithik didn't give a hit for 5 years though he has potential to give huge grossers. Akshay will hardly ever give those since he doesn't do big movies. Airlift, tepk or good news are not big event films. But kesri was disappointing. This year is the best chance if sooryavanshi releases on Diwali. Prithviraj can also be huge but mostly these period films disappoint.


There is a thing. Look at Aamir for him to be at top he has to come with an ATBB or atless BB otherwise he will lose his claim because of the time he invest in a particular movie. While you see Akki is totally opposite for him to be in race for top spot he needs to consistently give those hits and SH he doesn't need huge Grossers. Jitna footfall MEGASTAR Bhai ki 2 movies 1 saal mein karegi movies ya Aamir ki 1 movies 2 saal utna hi ya phir usse zada Akki ki 4 movies ek saal mein karri hai ( and this I am considering when those are good wom movies for all the 3 actors). So, I don't see a point of not considering Akki the no 1 actor right now.

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people vastly underestimate the fact he gives these big foofalls with multiple movies in a year that too without festivals

answered by Location Manager (5.3k points)
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4 hits in a single year is very rare achievement. Last 5 years has been very good fo AK.

answered by Production Designer (13.2k points)
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Consistent record post 2015. He's been consistent in giving hits post 2015. But to scale up further he needs big blockbusters/bigger openers etc to stake himself for the top spot.

answered by Super-star (172k points)
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he is the biggest superstar today

answered by Art Director (2.7k points)

lol..ek film bata jo akki ki solo ho ? sare k sare multistarrer hai uske in his whole career!!


Akki struggle to give 1.5cr ff. Even tiger shroff can give better opening than him. He shd be compared with Varuns and tigers.


haha khans to festival par nhi de paa rahe itne ff
also tier 2 aamir should be compared with ayushman as both are below mithun and rishi by boi ranking lol

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To achieve nearly one-half footfalls at an average of Salman Khan in the decade is an out of the world achievement for Akshay Kumar

answered by Editor (88.1k points)

lol 1 or 2 solo hits in a decade


If solohits are much needed then Salman has more than even the greatest of all Amitabh Bachchan


big b got credit in his multistarrers salman didnt even got that in some of his solo movies let alone multistarrers


Are you credit giver?

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Here is the footfalls of only Hit movies of 90s Stars :
Salman Khan: 30 HITS (66.63cr Admits)
Srk: 27 HITS (52.4cr Admits)
Aamir Khan: 18 HITS (40cr Admits)
Akki: 32 HITS (40.4cr Admits)
Ajay : 26 HITS (36.4cr Admits)
Note: Data is as per BOI now every akki fan can c


answered by Production Accountant (28.1k points)
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All his haters can troll him as much as they want. He might not have big footfalls, big grossers, the large canvas films etc. But he has consistently entertained his fans (and the neutral audience alike) with a variety of films in different genres.

Baby, Special 26, Holiday are some of the best thrillers in the recent past, especially the first 2. Who cares if they were watched by less people in the theatres. They still have a high IMDb rating and are enjoyed by a majority of audience

He has acted in social comedies like Toilet, Padman, OMG and Jolly 2 to a certain extent. Roles which no one would dare to touch.

He has done patriotic films like Mission Mangal, Gold, Kesari, Rustom. Films which fill us with pride with his performance and the history of the country.

He has done massy action films, which haven't received much success, baring Rowdy Rathore, but he has still entertained us in films like Khiladi 786 and Boss.

He was the only saving grace in the Tamil film 2.0 other than the VFX.

Entertained us by tickling our funny bones in the Housefull series.

Yes he has had some flops, boring movies and disaster embarrassing films as well. But he has always entertained us year after year with multiple films.

The last few years have been a very good period for him and with a variety of films which were to release this year: A cop action film, a horror comedy, a period film, a massy action film. All films touted to earn more than 200crs!

He has had some bad luck in the past, but post Singh is Bling, he has come back with a bang. And such differing films in many genres is something NO OTHER ACTOR has done or will be able to do.

Every actor has their strengths and have faced some negative periods in their career, so trolling him in particular is out of the question. He has slogged very hard in his career, and now is bearing the fruits of his success with back to back super hits (and hopefully potential Blockbusters in the future).

answered by Set Designer (2.1k points)
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Khiladi Kumar is very successfull and will continue to rock as Mega Superstar. .

answered by Second Unit Director (75.1k points)
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A very good decade for him with avg FF of 1cr+ despite doing 34 films is not a small thing.

answered by Assistant Director (44.9k points)

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