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Salman Khan = 35
Shah Rukh Khan = 20
Aamir Khan = 17
Akshay Kumar = 53

These are the outright flops/disasters count, omitting Below Average ones. Final count will be updated as per BOI.


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Akshay Kumar Is The Topper Here.........

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in 17 flops of Aamir, at least 5 are cult classsics. God of bollywood for a reason.

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Bhai tu Aamir fan hoke Padman ko cult classic bolra hai ye sahi lakshan nahi hai...


for akki's standards it is man....... He can never do a dangal,tzp, 3i......


aur tier 2 aamir ka standard to boi ne ranking me mithun aur rishi se niche rakha hai lol
zero stardom non existent fan following


Boi ranking boi ranking lol... Tier 3 rajeev Bhatia Canadian...
First cross 3 idiots and talk....

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If flops mean anything, Dilip Kumar will be bigger than anyone else!

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Lets check it out one by one to be precise:
Salman Khan:
Total movies 76
Total hits 30
Total successful movies 41
Flops 35
Srk Khan:
Total movies 62
Total Hits 27
Total successful movies 38-39
Total flops 23-24
Amir Khan:
Total movies 43
total Hits 17
Successful movies 21-22
Total flops 21-22
Ajay devgn:
Total movies 96
Total Hits 26
Successful movies 42-43
Total flops 53-54
Megastar Rajiv om bhatiya urf Akshay Kumar:
Total movies 116
Total Hits 32
Total successful movies 55
Total flops 60 plus
Now everyone can see and count the numbers who is at the top

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