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This was my first post on the forum back in 2014. Been a long time here now. What about you guys? What was your first ever post on the forum about? 

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So we both started around the same time!!...

I remember first time I came to this forum because of Dhoom 3!!as I was looking for some info related to it....

My first post was :


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on Oct 16, 2016.

this post a long with a few others made people think I'm an Akki fan.

and Intense, look at your answer there

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Lol, I know. We had a nice triangle back then. GG will bash Salman. Grand nova will bash HR. I'll bash Salman.


I used to like you but Akshay fan was annoying bit. Anyhow we and Baadshah had good debate on Raees ₹20cr opening day.

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It was a revenge post against Srkians i guess back then .. Lol
Jul 30, 2014

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While I have been following the forum for a few months, I had to make an account on this forum to answer this question. It's been a great 2 months ever since -


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So the first actual question on these forum(s) I posted was something;
"Chennai Express Weekend Prediction ₹93cr"
That was IBODB forum when majority were thinking of ₹65-80cr weekend and I was mostly trolled by Salman and Aamir fans, with even SRKians going around ₹80cr peak, so that was nice but I was soon banned by Navo.

Then on this forum I returned in December 2013. My first question was something;
"Jai Ho Music is a downer and film won't open"
Which surprisingly had answers like even Dabangg 2 music was like that and it will open ₹25cr at least and stuff and again after few days Navo banned me. It was mostly because I used to be a new user and Navo would have gone without anyone calling him out for banning an SRKian.

So I returned in February again to this ID. my actual first question was something like;
"How many Punjabi films you have seen"
This one had decent answers and I stayed for some time, get some recognition and then I started taking part in fanwars. Since now people knew me, Navo couldn't ban me. Screw you bald bigot.

Anyhow, the official first question now as I hide around 1000 questions I asked sometime in 2016 is this now;
Wait a minute, I actually didn't hide the Punjabi film question, so here it is.

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