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I personally am hugely enchanted by 60s life. It looked so beautiful and peaceful in movies.
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Same as yours. The golden age of cinema. Life looks so pure and colourful back in the day.

A 2nd choice would be the 90s. I wish I could go back into time. It was again an amazing era.

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I would have loved to live through the 70s and 80s. Amitabh Bachchan ruling the BO and with so many blockbusters to his name, and with no other star in sight, I would want to live that era, stand in long lines for his films etc.

Not sure if this would have been a peaceful era though.

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1970s and 1980s bachchan era........

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not about India, but I read somewhere that there has been one terrible thing or another for decades. WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, Depression, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War, etc etc.

I think 80's or 90's would be the best time. World was improving. At least that's what I think.

Plus point, 90's has great movies and sitcoms as well.

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Yes 90s make me most nostalgic they are the best
but there was certain innocence and tranquility back in those pre 70s era

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Before Narsimha Rao- Manmohan combo happened, India was not rich and people lived in poverty.
I lived the 90s but would like to live again . How lovely it's to see the long queues of HAHK even in 1995 in two nearby halls here in Imphal.And MPK, Karan Arjun, Ddlj,RH, Kkhh were all festivals.I remember the day I watched Kkhh for the second time I was with a watch to calculate Salman screen time and my friend who is SRK fan and I was always arguing.Those audio cassettes for movies and postcards, All The Best box office reports on DD2 we waited every Sunday.Nadeem Shravan music, Kumar Sanu,Udit rivalry.AR Rahman music esp Roja (it's written in movie magazine that music of Roja can move stones).......

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woww imphal!!! north east was so beautiful when i visited it sometime back but in 90s it would be magical
90s was the best time beautifully sandwiched between old charm and current technology driven life
btw box office reports were on dd2 lol


Siroy Lily, the flower which is native to Manipur and a challenge to horticulturists as it refuses to grow even near its habitat with the same soil and temp

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60s and 90s are the most peaceful and the most enjoyable

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