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1. Salman Khan - 15 films

2. Shah Rukh Khan - 7 films

3. Akshay Kumar - 5 films

4. Aamir Khan - 5 films

5. Hrithik Roshan - 4 films

6. Ajay Devgn - 3 films
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  1. Salman khan - 15 films ( streak not finished )

  2. Shahrukh khan - 7 films

  3. Akshay kumar - 5 films*

  4. Aamir khan - 5 films

  5. Hrithik Roshan - 4 films

  6. Ajay devgan - 3 films

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20 superhit or above movies,15 one cr consecutive footfalls movie and ready to add more.

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As usual SK leading here too. Amazing that HR has 4 movies here despite doing way less movies as compared to Akshay who has done more than 100 movies.

P.S: Before someone gets offended and starts a chain of comments, just to remind, I was admiring my own star's record, not bashing Akshay. His fan base can breathe easy here.

answered by Super-star (174k points)

She was quite good in it. She did her part well, but the movie is really boring, feels like a long history chapter.


Just shows that making a historical film won't guarantee success. Story telling is equally important to grandeur sets and VFX.


Ashutosh lost his touch after jodha Akbar. I haven't seen mohenjodaro so can't say about that. But that dark movie with Abhishek bachchan..I couldn't see anything nor feel even for a single character. Except the last scene where Surja sen gets beaten, otherwise the movie was emotionless.


@Kakarot, Mjo was terrible. The VFX would put school kids to shame and the story was straight out of an 1980's potboiler. HR was the saving grace somewhat, but the movie itself had no redeeming qualities.

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bhai dont get so excited over 3 decade full analysis , BOI would list his performance as Average

answered by Art Director (2.7k points)

Will select this as the best answer bhai


Salman's 13 th biggest hit>Akshay's biggest hit

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