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Sholay is the biggest Indian film, that's all we know. Am bored, so thought might as well estimate its numbers. So, here I am, with motivation from Rocksy's thread on Twitter, trying to estimate its numbers.

Release Group Gross Net Share Footfalls
Original Release ₹35.00 ₹16.00 ₹9.00 15.00
1982 Re-release ₹20.00 ₹9.00 ₹5.00 5.00
1987 Re-release ₹14.00 ₹7.35 ₹4.00 3.00
1992 Re-release ₹7.50 ₹4.00 ₹2.00 1.00
1995 Re-release ₹3.00 ₹1.80 ₹1.00 0.30
2013 Re-release ₹13.00 ₹9.85 ₹4.00 0.08
Misc. Re-release ₹3.50 ₹2.00 ₹1.00 0.50
Total ₹96.00 ₹50.00 ₹26.00 25.00

Sholay has grossed an estimated ₹96 crore approx till date among various releases, with 25 crore approx footfalls. Excluding the most recent re-release, it was still at ₹83 crore till early 2000s, with only four films crossing it before 2006, namely Gadar, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Source Link: https://twitter.com/BollyNumbers/status/1229283192915390464
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Sholay is not a movie but a phenomenon

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yes video cassettes 1980 se aane lage the aur uske baad bhi 10 cr ff......... GOAT.

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yes, 25 cr footfalls india today ne bhi 1984 ke edition main likha tha aur coolie ke liye 7cr ff bataya tha.

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at 20-25 cr footfall this must be a world record for any movie ahead of titanic or avatar

answered by Location Manager (6.2k points)

nope. no record except India's biggest. China has films with 50-60cr footfalls.



50-60 cr fooftall

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Noone cares how much sholey actually collected..Everyone believes it is the biggest movie ever in India

answered by Casting Director (18.3k points)
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25 cr ffs????? How's it even possible?? And in 1987 it was even more than the hgoty. The sippys' earned more than enough for the rest of their career with just one film.

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Do you by any chance know the footfalls of endgame and Avatar?


Endgame 38cr. Avatar 28cr.


it should be other way , avatar had same collection as endgame 10 years back


nope. Endgame is ahead of Avatar in admissions. Even Infinity War is ahead.

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25cr footfalls. Insane. But then in that era there were no other means of entertainment. In the modern era, it's far tougher for movies to score big.

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