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I watch every movie of HR (the craps too), apart from that these are the stars whose movies I am always keen to catch on the big screen (in the particular order)

Aamir = Salman


Akshay (depends on what kind of movie he's doing)

Apart from these, Ayushmaan is one guy whose movies are a safe bet too.

Used to trust SRK till 2017. Zero shook that up for me completely.
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Since 2018, I haven't been watching Hindi films not starring or not produced by Salman Khan with an exception of Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota. Even MKDNH was only because I knew Thani Mudaliar and he co-wrote Bombay Velvet with Vasan Bala who directed MKDNH. While his most acclaimed film never saw a theatrical release, wanted to support the film.

Anyways, be it in film school or generally, I firmly believe movies are meant to be experienced on the big screen. So, I actually enjoy watching movies.

Coming to specifically point out actors from Bollywood, I enjoy watching these bunch,

  1. Hrithik Roshan - call it the KNPH fever, he is special. Last film in theater was Kaabil, though I have skipped his next two films, there is no two doubt about me liking watching him on the big screen.
  2. Shah Rukh Khan - Obviously. Like every big star, he deserves to be witnessed on the big screen. A right film from him is all I need.
  3. Amitabh Bachchan - Last full fledged role was Shamitabh. But when he did that special appearance in Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, I went for the movie and one of the reason was to watch him & Chiru share the screen space. Also, though sounds wrong, at this stage, I don't like missing out his work. Yet I know, I don't go to the theaters instantly like I never miss a Chiranjeevi, Kamal Haasan & Rajini starrers in theater. Especially when two of them had rumoured to quit acting.
  4. Saif Ali Khan - Post 2000, I have always liked watching him on screen, whenever I watched his films.
  5. Randeep Hooda - Mainly due to Highway. Then Bhai made it all the more fun with Kick & especially Sultan.
  6. Diljit Dosanjh - Bas. No reason required to justify.
  7. Akshaye Khanna - Same reason as above.

The next set of actors, I may not specifically go watch all their films, but whenever they do appear in the films I am watching, I get happy. They belong to the big screen.
1. Mithun Chakraborty
2. Anil Kapoor
3. Jackie Shroff

From the younger lot -
1. Ranbir Kapoor - When he is in his elements, you know it'll be a treat.
2. Varun Dhawan - Have watched lesser films, but he has the screen presence.

Not naming Ranveer solely because of Befikre as I hated sitting through that in theater. Then, Simmba was unbearable when I watched. So when he is not doing this overacting bit, he is pleasant to watch. May be in the future I might change my opinion and start liking watching him on the big screen.

Shahid if and when he signs anything worthwhile. But it isn't same as watching him in 2009. I haven't felt so thrilled watching him in Haider or Udta Punjab because the craze of Kaminey was at a different level. None of the newbie actors have been able to get me thrilled like Shahid did with Kaminey.

The below actors I would love to witness on the big screen through re-release or special screening atleast once, because till date I haven't watched a single film of their's in theater.
1. Raj Kapoor
2. Dev Anand [Die hard fan. Let him be on the list na, feels good.]
3. Shashi Kapoor
4. Shammi Kapoor
5. Dharmendra
6. Vinod Khanna - I am glad he was there in Wanted, Dabangg & Dabangg 2. Even more glad I caught Amar Akbar Anthony special screening. He is damn handsome.

Special Mention - Javed Jaffrey [bas achche character kahan dete hai?!]

And a confession,
Sohail Khan - I really don't know the reason, I really don't mind watching him on screen. But ofcourse, his over acting comedy style worked only in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya & I don't like to see that kinda act in other films. I am naming him because outside Salman starrers, I've actually watched Sohail Khan starrers like Darna Mana Hai, Krishna Cottage in theater at that time. I was happy with his performance in Tubelight [controlled Sohail], even the Loveyatri & Dabangg 3 cameo. To add one more justification, I have enjoyed watching his I Proud To Be An Indian & Lakeer on TV.

Lastly, I would have named Sanjay Dutt but I am not much into gangster films. When he is not playing character roles, he is given the repetitive don characters which he undoubtedly aces. I did like watching him in PK in theater. The last time I did like watching him on the screen was in Luck but again, the repetitive role didn't help.

Same for Suniel Shetty because entire Indian Film Industry have collectively proved they are incapable of writing a decent comeback character for him.

The list will be huge if I add south films and even Hollywood.


Don't like to see aamir or Akshay on the big screen??


The list doesn't mean that I don't like the ones not mentioned. I do enjoy the performances Aamir Khan & Akshay Kumar in their respective movies.

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Anil Kapoor
Sanjay Dutt are the ones I care.

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No other star, but MCU movies. I try to see every MCU movie in the cinema.

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ranbir kapoor ofcourse ( prince of bombay)

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Asked apart from your favorite.


my favourite is srk

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Well apart from Shahid and Salman, following actors I do not hesitate to watch on Big screen.

Aamir Khan - I go without even thinking twice

Ranbir - when he does movies of his strong zone and not experiment

Hrithik - same as above

SRK - haven't watched last few though as I didn't have good vibes on those

Varun Dhawan - I like him and his movies more than any others from younger lot

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Depends on the trailer usually. If it excites me, then I'm all in.

Of course I'd watch any Akshay film. Most probably an Aamir film (though I missed TOH because I couldn't book a ticket on time. Thank God I missed it though lol).

My order would be:

  1. Aamir
  2. HR
  3. Salman
  4. SRK (giving him one last chance post JHMS & Zero)
  5. Probably might include Tiger or Ranveer.
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Hrithik Ranbir Aamir SRK

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it was never like this for me when i used to watch movies regularly tab to me bobby deol aur saif ki romeo, kutte vaali movie bhi 2-3 baar dekh hi leta tha
ab bahut kam ho gaya hai , brahmastra , prithviraaj and coolie no 1 (for david dhawan) are the only movie i will watch

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