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Gould had the best seat in the stadium when he officiated in 250 international matches and now that he is retired the 62-year-old is ready to share his views about the game and the players he watched at really close quarters.

The England-born former umpire has recently showered praises on the Indian Virat Kohli, who was once considered to be the 'brat' of this sport made for gentlemen.

When asked about his views on Virat Kohli, Ian Gould said that he is a "funny man". That was not it as Gould went on to call Virat Kohli "a male model and a pin-up boy". He added that Virat Kohli was a person who resembled with legendary Sachin Tendulkar.

"He's a funny man. Yeah, he batted like me a couple of times. I had to tell him off for slogging it. He's a charmer. He's one of those guys who's got, a bit like Sachin Tendulkar, the whole of India on his back, but you wouldn't know. You could walk into a restaurant and sit and chat with him for hours. He's a very worldly boy. When you look at Virat, you're thinking male model, pin-up boy, but he knows about the game inside out, the past, history. Lovely guy," Gould told ESPNcricinfo.

Gould was asked about Kohli's behaviour and reminded that he has his share of run-ins with authority in the past. To this Ian Gould said that Kohli has changed and is respectful like the rest of the Indian boys.

can see why. But he's learned to be respectful. He could have continued his career like that and people could be talking totally the opposite about Virat. He's a nice man and the India boys are very, very good people, very respectful," Gould said

Former England international also named his favourite batsmen from his umpiring days. He named Jacques Kallis, Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli as his favourites. He said Sachin Tendulkar was someone whom he would pay to watch. Gould added that he regrets not seeing the best of Ricky Ponting.

"Jacques Kallis. I loved watching Jacques. He was a very, very fine player. Sachin. And probably Virat. I was unlucky in some respects. I didn't see the best of Ricky Ponting. He was an outstanding character, outstanding captain, such a proud Australian."

"But his career was just starting to wane as I came on the scene. But he was incredibly helpful, so I'm disappointed I have to leave him out. Jacques Kallis, I could sit and watch all day, Virat, the same. And Sachin, if you want someone to bat for your life, he was the man," Gould stated.
Source Link: https://www.indiatoday.in/sports/cricket/story/umpire-ian-gould-virat-kohli-charmer-model-funny-man-pay-to-watch-tendulkar-kallis-ponting-1683922-2020-05-31
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Kallis I can pay to watch all day. Same for Kohli and Sachin. Sums up where Virat stands today.

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Tier 1 Sachin, Lara, Kalis, ABD
Tier 2 Sanga, Ponting, Peterson, Dravid
Both Kohli and Smith will join Tier1
So that's the Top10

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Let me put it this way.

Sachin is the player you just can not ignore when you talk about greatest cricketer of all time (not just batsmen).
Kallis is a different beast though. I still remember he scored his first double ton (and only I think?) in 2011. He had his flaws but he could bowl and bat. You gotta have him in your 11 just like you must have the master.
Kohli, we have to wait a bit. I think he may have to average 60+ in ODIs and tests to be in the same league as Sachin because of the conditions and batsman favored game today. And I totally expect him to to do so.
Smith doesnt cut it for me. He is a one dimensional player. You cant bet your life on him in an ODI or t20 chases. You can say Kohli trumps him here.
ABD, well I feel he peaked way too late. I think he is the most perfect batsman of all time. He can block 300 balls and score you a hundred in 30. No one in cricket history has this range/ Lets respect this and keep him out of numbers game.

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Talking purely in terms of talent, strokes, entertainment etc yes. He's right up there with the very very best. As I said he's a freak just like Viv was.

Not going into longevity, or any other factor. He peaked a little late, but no doubts on his genius.


leave it man all these are maggie cricket fans if some cricket lovers indeed saw someone comparing lara and abd seriously they would have stopped using internet alltogether for a year or two

meanwhile i will post a thread on lara vs abd on theroar guardian or reddit on April 1 next year , would update you all with the replies


Aparichit.. is that you?


Aparichit??? Lol. What was that. But sadly saaransh won't get that as he only likes to see films of Rajiv Bhatia.

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Sachin is in a different league to the other two
Kallis is still better than kohli
Kohli is still a very good batsmen

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well if you have read comments i have indeed not given one counter argument to tb's and yours laughable comparisons


this is stupidity that people are only floowing averages to judge batsman.......lara has just 6 not out in his 130 test....still he averaged 53.....while almost all batsman who played 100 test has more than 25 not out, that zoomed their career averages....but when we considered runs pr inning then it is lara who scored 50 per inning while all other are below 50s....second thing Lara has just played 4 test combined against zimbabwe and bangladesh.....

Bradman D.G Aus 52 80 6996 99.94 83.83 7759 96.99 3.0%
Sutcliffe H Eng 54 84 4555 60.73 54.64 5024 59.81 1.5%
Pollock R.G Saf 23 41 2256 60.97 54.43 2394 58.39 4.2%
EdeC Weekes Win 48 81 4455 58.62 54.88 4654 57.46 2.0%
Hammond W.R Eng 85 140 7249 58.46 46.19 8018 57.27 2.0%
Headley G.A Win 22 40 2190 60.83 45.61 2275 56.88 6.5%
Barrington Eng 82 131 6806 58.67 50.37 7410 56.56 3.6%
Hobbs J.B Eng 61 102 5410 56.95 53.34 5645 55.34 2.8%
Hutton L Eng 79 138 6971 56.67 47.89 7629 55.28 2.5%
Sangakkara Slk 115 196 10045 55.81 47.56 10792 55.06 2.3%
Sobers Win 93 160 8032 57.78 44.06 8768 54.80 5.2%
Kallis J.H Saf 162 274 13128 56.10 42.23 14905 54.40 3.0%
Walcott C.L Win 44 74 3798 56.69 51.03 4001 54.07 4.6%
Tendulkar Ind 194 320 15645 54.32 44.56 16888 52.77 2.8%
Lara B.C Win 131 232 11953 52.89 49.76 12220 52.67 0.4%
Mohd Yousuf Pak 90 156 7530 52.29 46.19 8009 51.34 1.8%
Amla H.M Saf 68 118 5610 51.94 39.92 6042 51.20 1.4%
Nourse A.D Saf 34 62 2960 53.82 47.49 3167 51.08 5.1%
Clarke M.J Aus 89 148 6989 52.55 42.23 7559 51.07 2.8%
Chappell Aus 87 151 7110 53.86 44.57 7706 51.03 5.3%
Ponting R.T Aus 168 287 13378 51.85 45.15 14646 51.03 1.6%
Dravid R Ind 164 286 13288 52.31 44.71 14505 50.72 3.1%
Hayden M.L Aus 103 184 8626 50.74 47.68 9244 50.24 1.0%
Sehwag V Ind 102 177 8559 50.05 47.96 8854 50.02 0.1%
Younis Khan Pak 80 140 6580 51.01 44.24 6966 49.76 2.5%
Miandad Pak 124 189 8832 52.57 41.97 9310 49.26 6.3%
Chanderpaul Win 146 249 10696 51.67 34.49 12259 49.23 4.7%
Hussey Aus 79 137 6235 51.53 42.50 6742 49.21 4.5%
Gavaskar Ind 125 214 10122 51.12 44.14 10523 49.17 3.8%
Compton Eng 78 131 5807 50.06 44.40 6302 48.11 3.9%
Richards Win 121 182 8540 50.24 44.49 8753 48.09 4.3%
Waugh S.R Aus 168 260 10927 51.06 35.47 12480 48.00 6.0%
Flower A Zim 63 112 4794 51.55 35.43 5337 47.65 7.6%
Border A.R Aus 156 265 11174 50.56 37.04 12397 46.78



agree someone has to be really stupid for comparing lara with likes of abd which is why i did not post a valid argument plus his very best innings came against those 90s australia team ask any australian cricketer or fan on their greatest competitor

Lara is an all time great whose only comparisons are sachin or bradman

but the stupidity today crossed the limits on this forum by comparing him with tier 3 or 4 category players


Exactly we can't compare Lara to and, he was class apart Lara is in category of Sachin,punter etc..

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Nuff said..!!

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The greatest cricketer (not batting) of all time. Nuff said.




Must be. But for the contemporary era Kallis is the man.

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kohli for as good as he is in odi's should not be mentioned with kallis and sachin

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Well Kohli is way better in odis than Kallis. Sachin is the best there no question on that.


you cant compare 90s odis when even 230-240 was a good score versus today when even 330 is not defendible though i agree kohli is better in odis but what about tests which is the real deal where kallis trump him easily


Well Gould has his own opinion na. Kohli is the man for all formats. Not one. Plus never good to compare eras. Let sachin be where he was and let kohli be where he is.

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Technically sachin and kallis were best.

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