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The film that led to me witness the crazy female fan following of Ranbir live in the theater. Barfi! too had lot of female fans, just that there wasn't this meany cheering & whistling.

Didn't connect to the film in the theater. Still say it had a threadbare storyline & other than product placement, it had nothing. But have loved the film in the re-watches & it has grown closer to the heart with every re-watch.

My immediate review on Facebook at that time was, "First half was all about us' searching for the story. Second half was about coming to terms with there being no story." And then in the re-watch, I connected with Kabir character. His conflict with his parents, conflict within himself. Cannot pin point to one specific reason for connecting with the character. Once I did, the film just kept working. Even at home, this was a very well liked film.

And songs.. there hasn't been a single holi without Balam Pichkari song ever since. And along with that, Kabira & Ilahi have been on my mobile's permanent playlist. Although wonder why I have kept Badtameez Dil. Just doesn't feel like deleting at all.


yes post srk he has the biggest fan base among girls

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One of my favourite movies from last decade. It mixed a light and breezy coming of age story with some good (if basic) lessons, while providing great music, good dialogues, chemistry, acting, locations, etc. in a very appealing package.

This movie along with ZNMD and Bajrangi Bhaijan are mandatory viewings for me at least once every year among movies from last decade.

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This is one of the better movies of last decade. That Deepika and Ranbir pair was gem. Music was aweeeee and locations were mesmerizing to see the least. This came during the summer breaks of my 12th class and made me like a girl who use to carry Saree so well (which I noticed on teacher's day an year before) that I use to imagine her as Deepika. Finally, I proposed her at the end of my schooling. So, yes this movie is very special to me.

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I don't watch much rom-coms, but this will always remain one of my favourite movies. Mostly due to stuff that was happening around the time of release of the film. But still remains a must watch whenever it comes on Set Max.

Great music, great lead-pair, a jaw dropping blue saree song sequence of Deepika!

This film could have put Ranbir on the pedestal towards super stardom. A rom com film crossing 2cr footfalls in 2013 is unbelievable. But he messed it up himself by doing Besharam, Roy, BV (lol) and Tamasha. Though I liked Tamasha, it's not a film for masses to watch.

ADHM was Karan Johar's movie on Diwali with great music and controversies with Shivaay. Ranbir doing the same thing he has done in previous films. Only one BB in Sanju. Lets see what the "much awaited Bramhastra" has in store for him.

All in all, YJHD was that to Ranbir as DDLJ was to SRK. Had Ranbir followed the same steps with similar kind of movies that SRK did post DDLJ, then we could have been seeing Ranbir as a future megastar ruling the BO. Still, YJHD will remain one of my favourite rom-coms.

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Idiotic movie by idiotic actor.
Music album was nice though.

Ranbir movies during this time were like Emraan Hashmi movies in 2000s, running on music, but with one difference, the lead actor of Emraan Hashmi's movies was actually talented, other one is just media hype & hoopla.

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Maybe your cinema is limited to his filmography..... Outside that, not even in contention.


no he is in league of the best of the actors


Yeah, if that league starts in reverse order.


whichever order bhai he will be with the best he is in one of the top 3 actors of modern era along with srk aamir and best of this generation

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Didn't like in the 1st time infact i used to skip everytime when it was airing on Set max but gave a chance after downloading so liked in 2nd viewing music was one the usp of this movie to which youth connected easily 3.5/5 *..

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I could not connect with the movie. It looked sad and grim to me. Characters trying find ways to mess things up.

Songs are fantastic though.

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I haven't watched a single complete movie of Ranbir. He is such a bore actor.

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well he is probably second biggest star today and bigger star than all the khans
A potential future mega superstar

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I went for this movie with my girlfriend (She is a fan, I am not). I literally slept through this overlong mess. The music was good, Deepika looked stunning. Madhuri rolled back the years with that song of hers....yeah that is all I remember.

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Everyone has an opinion bro. I am sharing mine here. If Bramhastra does prove me wrong and I genuinely like the film AND the film becomes a huge hit, then I'll happily accept my error of judgement.

People have their own choices.


What was probably a 400cr movie. Mumbo jumbo, Ranbir despite all your love for him doesn't carry the same confidence that the senior pros do

Sanju never needed a heroine. It was a Hirani project based on whitewashing the bad deeds of a star. And it worked. Go back in time. 2005. SRK was running movies on his name. So did Salman and Aamir and HR. Ajay and Akshay have a big mass following which has carried on since the last 30 odd years. Ranbir or any of these newbies don't have it. Their movies are working currently becuase of good packaging, big directors, rumours of link ups etc. Leave that out and they will struggle to achieve what the seniors did.

The time of the mass stardom is done. Salman is the last man standing. Hrithik is the last genuine superstar. Leave that, you won't even have the kind of following Akki and Ajay have amongst masses. OTT is the future. Cinema is done post the older gen.


@mumbo brahmastra can go either way.. Remember how everyone was predicting that 2.0 would be bigger than b2 when it was announced? These projects are always risky..i hope its a huge hit but nothing has released yet. So calling it a path breaking movie even before the first look is ridiculous.


Ambitious/dream projects never work. Thugs of hindustan was expected to destroy every box office record. So was Ra.one. So was Mohenjo Daro. Even Kalank last year carried a lot of expectations.

Brahmastra has been on since 2017. They've shooting and adding to their costs since the last few years. These delays wont work. See the budget, recovery itself will be hugely tough. Plus you have a leading man, who's not even proven in the action/sci fi mould. Ayan Mukherjee is fine with rom coms,this is one genre which is really rough to get right. When veterans like SRK went wrong, I doubt this will.

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