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why ask him to post link next time and not this time? I havent seen any such video..For people like me who havent watched its plain fake...


@Santosh... I can agree to your last statement...it could be fake...But we made sure that its a valid statement from the show....otherwise it would have been gone long time back!!...
But like we said that the OP (as he is a new user) knows now before making any such statement ...he needs to give the link...and secondly ...cannot continue making such posts!!!


@Santosh. I gave the warning above. We allowed it once. We wont allow posts like these continously. This is a movie forum to discuss on box office numbers, not someone's personal life.


@Abhay...first of all...we are not going to search on youtube...so make sure u post the link next time....secondly...expressing your personal opinion...has some restrictions in this forum...its not ur twitter where u can say anything....
Make sure u DON:T MAKE any derogatory Personal Remarks abt ANYONE!!!!!...even as an Opinion!!!!!
This is your formal warning...next time u will be Banned!!!

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You can do better, try better modes to troll, this is the cheapest thing to do.
It's his personal life, he can do whatever he wants, he doesn't owe anything to us neither he is married.

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Equation 1 - Salman says he's a virgin.

Equation 2 - Arbaaz says he can't live without sex for one month.

By combining equation one and two.

Salman is virgin but his home sees orders of multiple large sized stuffed toys on monthy basis.

I think these would suffice.

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Why do you think that Bhai's sex life is something to laugh at?

Don't know about you but Bjai is very choosy in such matter, sub standard products doesn't do it for him.


The quality of your humour in your head

The actual quality of your humour


Well Fan is one of his great performances. So.....

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ofcourse baba and bhai biggest womanizers of Bollywood
whereas my boy ranbir on the other hand has not even slept with 5% of the girls these guys have and yet gets labelled a playboy
thats how pr changes the perception of masses sadly

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are bhai abhi me abhi reply karunga to saare salman mods ki fauj aakar mujhe hi sunaaenge for fighting with you as i dont have liberty of their cover like you so its better ............


fact se compare karne ki baat aagai toh daar gaya. lol


fact to yahi hai ki salman was a struggling actor till dabangg

ab baaki bolunga to fir saare ke saare mod aa jayenge mujhe sunaane so its no use


fact toh de data de k..lol

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The first thing he said...is something nobody can live without. No harm there. The 2nd thing is addictive too, being into gyming myself. Whole of Bollywood does it. Not just SK

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Haa Bhai haan I agree with with you and Bhai as well.(cheers)


@Intense If the question I asked isnt allowed then why the **** is this question and all this fcking answers allowed? biased hone va vi haad hoti hai


Santosh, read my comments too below the post. It was said by Arbaaz about Salman. Too bad it has been twisted to suit a particular objective.

. We allowed it once,we won't allow it again. As far as you wanting to know about a user's personal life, I am sure you can do it outside this forum too. This is the not the place for it.


How do you know it was said by arbaaz? I dont know it!! This isnt a place to know sex life of celebrity too!!

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Nobody in bollywood can. These things are very normal.

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Then what is the issue ..he is enjoying life ..and that's how it should be ..if a normal guy like me can manage that then you can think about him ..he is the biggest star in our country..he can pick ladies very easily..
Earn money,Maintan fitness,sex........That's life

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I think that was a joke..everyone knows bhai is a virgin.

answered by Art Director (2.9k points)

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