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From Interview in 2015

Taking jibe at Manmohan desai and also indicating he didn't achieved respect and long career

Mercifully  or unfortunately, Manmohan Desai had a short career. God knows what would have happened to him if he had gone forward at that time. With the failing star power of Amitabh Bachchan and other actors in the '70s, it wouldn't have been a good space to be in and that would have been a direct consequence of the slot he was inBut times have changed and we all have to earn respect and money by making films.

(Factually wrong desai delievered a hit film in 1960 itself with Chhalia with Raj kapoor and a blockbuster Sachcha jhutha with Rajesh khanna which was seven years before Amar Akbar Anthony.He directed movies over a span of over 36 years.)

On reaction to Kick (2014) during Byomkesh release

They might watch a film which will tell them they are not dumb. That's all what we are trying to tell the audience through this film.

Other Golden Quotes

 The surprise is that the audience, which goes to the theatres to watch a film, has come out saying that it's been an experience(Byomkesh Bakshi). I expected the curious reaction, but not the euphoria over the film laugh .No, this time everyone was saying that Dibakar would sell out. But the opposite happened. This is the best thing to happen because I have gone out of the slot again. Being slotted is my nightmare. With this film, I have avoided the slot at least for a year or two. Adi said he was game for something which shakes up everything and makes one per cent contribution in changing the taste of this country's audience. Because that's what a Dibakar Banerjee film with Sushant Singh Rajput and YRF production banner may hope to achieve. 


Box Office performances of Desai's films were miraculous too. In 1977, he delivered four superhit films in one calendar year -- a record that still stands. Four of his films -- ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’, ‘Parvarish’, ‘Chacha Bhatija’ and ‘Dharam Veer’ -- were running to packed houses simultaneously.

No other director ever since has come close to emulating this miraculous feat.

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Why in this era we don't have director like Manmohan Desai and Prakash mehra wo make mass cinemas or cinemas for everyone not just for metro Cities..


neither do we have the likes of hrishikesh mukherjee and basu chaterjee



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Dibakar is way too arrogant in his interviews he thinks of himself as combo of Gurudut and Raj kapoor and regarding Manmohan Desai , hahahaha unki 1 movie me dibakar anurag aur baaki sab ka career cross ho jaayega 3/4 baar

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Unki 1 movie men dibakar anurag aur baaki sab ka career cross ho jaayega 3/4 baar.

+1 to that. Bollywood needs more of MD, rather than the ones you mentioned

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Lol. What arrogance. MD is one of the biggest ever. This is the issue with these so called intellectual directors. They think they're an authority on anyone....even legends.

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yes i have seen his interviews he is way too egoistic the likes of vishal b anurag are still soft spoken or not insulting to say least ,during one interview he took jibe on karan johar in his presence by saying he has not watched any of his movies in a serious manner


Likes of Vishal and Anurag are soft spoken yes, but they too are critical of commercial directors and cinema. Puri life men 1cr footfall nahi dekhe tab bhi itni arrogance. Add actors like Rajkumar Rao who show off as if they're an authority on acting.

No wonder the Khans/Kumar/Devgn/Roshan generation wont be repeated again.

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Now this is why i hate these so called intellectuals have you ever seen mass directors talk shit about art directors no coz they just don't care whereas these guys are jealous of them ab tumhe dum nahi hai paise kamane wali film bnane ka toh isme unki kya galti hai

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poori zindagi main 1 hit nahi di aur 5 movies ke combined ffs 1cr bhi nahi hain. that euphoria for Byomkesh was so huge that the plans to turn it into a franchise ended right there.

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yes that euphoria statement cracked me up too

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Honestly I enjoyed only 1 film of dibakar...that is detective byomkesh. I think these directors are frustrated to see others getting commercial success despite them making better movies in compariso. Like gully boy is better than td but still it wont collect more. Rohit shetty once said that no matter who makes the film, they want to make money.

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