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kudos to everyone donating in tough times to the needy

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He is self proclaimed king only. Nobody calls him king. He is king of mannat only.

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lol google king khan or read wikipedia then


Okay...own something like mannat...i will call u kinG then.


lol so called king and donating chiller!! King ko bol kuch dhang se donate kare..Apne worth k 50% toh kare..kya chillar baat raha


Donation men kitna donate kia ye matter nahi karta. Matter karta hai ki acche intentions se kia.

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Being Richest actor in the Earth as called by his fans and donating chillar..Akki has donated much more than this Richest actor..Sirf pr baji karna hai isko..Akki se kuch sikho..Much respect to akki..

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When did akki donated for kolkata cyclone?? All day u people bash akki for everything now suddenly hiding your face behind akki...hahahaha lol. Now u forgot Salman??? And foro corona....SRK already donated much more than everyone(celebrity)..his donations are 70+ crs. Now fukc off. Get out of akkis back.


compare donation in respect to total wealth !!! so called richest actor in earth and donating chillar ...shame on pr actor even for such disheartening time..


70rs people calling 70cr chillar....hahahaha...no wonder why earth isn't progressing much in south east....btw his total net worth is around 3500crs including all his assets...his houses, car, KKR, RCE...considering the amount of cash he has 70crs is a massive donations.


lol..may be in your dream he had donated 70cr..socalled king lacs donate karta hai..isse jyada toh sonu sood karraha..3500cr ka kya faida!! agar mere pass 3500cr hota toh i would have donated 2000cr..

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I thought Akshay Kumar when I read the title......

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