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This question doesn't make sense in the first place. Every movie star....all of them have their affairs and flings and what not. It's not a big deal. Forget Salman or Ranbir...everyone has done it and will continue to do it. That is the kind of life these people lead.

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Maybe but no strong rumour..and fatima and aamir?? No way.


Kakarot Fatima and Aamir is a done thing. In case you don't know, it's been on since a long time now. Aamir had an affair with Pooja Bhatt, then the journalist, now he married Kiran and he's having a fling with Fatima.

All of them are like that. HR has had it with Katrina, Barbara Mori, Kangana etc. Ajay also went for Kangana. SRK of all people also had an affair with PC. Yahan ki duniya aisi hi hai. It's tough to be loyal and honest in there.


Yeah thats true..but its sad if they do that even after marriage..i would say salman is the best..stayed a virgin for 55 years.


Hahahahahaha. Bhai kaise control karoge? Shooting with such beauties day in day out......its never easy to manage. Temptation aa jaati hai kabhi na kabhi

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bhai ofcourse but reshma really did a great job in handling that
even now when he is in casual relationship with vantur the masses hardly have any idea about that
ranbir needs to hire a better pr
but then again 90%of the actors in Bollywood or any person in any position of power is aiyash

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What is that question?

It's like asking who's a better batsman, Sachin or Ashish Nehra.

Compare Salman with someone of his stature like aamir or SRK.

Ranbir is a kid. Salman's had so many girls and even now he's not committed at least publically.

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Salman is still a virgin, he's second oldest virgin in the world after Captain America.

Ranbir is more aiyaash in terms of relationships, he has higher average than Salman.

Salman is more aiyaash in terms of doing whatever he damn well pleases, He has tried his hand in driving, shooting and he also have snatched the title of lafa champion from Munnabhai.

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Salman. Just look at how he's spending the lockdown.

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