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Super video. Such variety of roles he has done so far. I wish he would've done more films by now, this would've been even better.

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ACTOR with Super Duper looks

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If and only if he starts doing some more movies....needs to plan his career better....he can take the top spot.

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Complete super star........

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Not complete he is weak in comedy and romance.


He is not weak in romance. Obviously not in the SRK league of romance, but was quite decent. Plus he never did more romantic movies post 2002-03. Comedy....yeah he has been uncomfortable
.I strongly beleive he will come back and give a knock out comic performance too.

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Everybody wish to have a debut like Hrithik ....
The Last true Superstar of Bollywood ...

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He is weak in comedy roles also srk is weak that is the main reason they are behind Salman and Aamir.

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and both Aamir salman are behind Akshay kumar

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