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No mainstream bolly movie is devoid of moments that  would never really happen in real life. But some of them are just so ridiculous.

1. 3 idiots

Rancho never studying and achieving the top of his class. Having myself done engineering, its impossible for a guy to do all the shit he does and still be at the TOP. The guys that used to top were nerds who would rarely be seen in public.

The Aal izz well baby scene. It was so ridiculous. It is this scene that I have to skip from an otherwise wonderful almost 3 hr experience.

2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan

The "Surang" scene. I mean come on. Will it be that simple and that too in this age of tight border security? The the soldiers letting him go and taking his word for it. Unbelievable.

3. Taare Zameen Par

The entire first half. The lengths they go to make the kid suffer was too painful to watch. It was a delight later on but they push him to the point that dark circles start to appear, unreal.

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So you're ignoring how Rancho was still in one piece after pulling off that water-electricity experiment on his senior.


While we're on topic, the whole balatkar speech and he was not expelled. Sitting senior's lectures. Messing with the dean again and again.


3 Idiots was a great movie no doubt, but it was more of a fantasy than PK & LRMB combined.


Ya Fantasy like Shahrukh's stardom and his super fan following which is non-existent during his releases.

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3 Idiots , bina padhe janaab top engineering college me top maar rahe hai

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Black and white movies se ye sab aaj tak chala aa raha hai....


bhai 50s ki vo black n white movies ki quality ki movies kabhi nahi ban paayi india me dobaara

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A wife didn't recognise her husband without moustache...That's the most ridiculous moment..well it's not my favourite movie ..When I saw it I was clapping for the director..

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Rancho never studying- That's the whole point of that film. Rancho enjoyed Engineering therefore he "LEARNT". When u learn something with passion, u don't have to study..

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yes bro , but eventually it all comes to one simple golden rule which has been same since ages and overcome all other factor for getting success in any field


True bro, but don't u think our whole system is bad?.

Many people Work really hard... study engineering and crack subjects like engineering maths, fluid dynamics etc.. Finally get placed and eventually on the training day they are told-
"forget whatever You have studied". They are all obsolete. How do you explain this?.
Then 6 months training is given(Under a dropout) and finally rest of your adulthood u have to work on that particular domain and can't come out..

If u are really Lucky, u can go onsite but now that can also be a challenge due to internal politics, ego clashes, gender etc.

Based on this, u get a groom/bride and rest of your life u have to live frustrated. The only plus here is that you are an "engineer" which is a huge thing in Indian families.

Correct me if my observation is wrong. Tell me how it works there in the US?


yaar i am not from mechanics field so dont know that but still i can assure in computer science field if you can gain theoretical knowledge apart from language proficiency you can make a excellent career and i can say about other branches too , a good technical knowledge never goes in vain
plus engineer tag is not what it used to meant say some 15/20 years back i have seen biggest of the frauds and muppets getting the engineer degree in india it;s a joke really
whereas people in us and elsewhere only do engineering if they are truely inclined towards it and let me also tell you one secret in IT here much of the work transferred here is something which developers in us, germany will not be even willing to do so they just outsource herewhich iswhy r & d work is also very less done in india instead startups are way better place to learn and grow

also the sw engineers in other western countries are way superior to that of an average IT worker in India but the overall emphasis on education in india is much more than in other countries as students are literally in a pressure cooker situation in india


Wonderful reply. Now I got some insight on how it works there.

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those action sequences in fan
lack of subtlety in some of the emotional scenes in kal ho na ho which feels like a caricature at times
kuch kuch hota hai ending - ended way to conveniently without any effort or conflict
rockstar- some of the scenes in tthe 2nd half and also the acting is way too funny unintentionally
adhm - the whole cancer thing was ridiculous after a great first half felt like rockstar -2
kank - again some of the emotional scenes were to overt and needed to be subtle again

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Back to the Future - Parent never recognise that their son looks like their mysterious friend from years ago. Though to be fair in 20 years they could have forgotten what he looks like.

K3G - Younger brother changes so much that elder brother cannot recognise him. Ab aisi bhi konsi puberty.

3 Idiots and BB as you mentioned.

Also, how hard is it to just print out a list of cities in Pakistan and say them out loud until Munni raises her hand. Itna time waste karne ki kya zarurat thi.

Avengers: Endgame. I know that Tony's sacrifice is important and a conclusion to his entire MCU ark, but much more powerful characters had that Gautlet in their hand and could have snapped. Captain Marvel could have done it. At least then there would have been a point to having her in IW mid-credits.

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Captain Marvel was knocked out by Thanos, she wasn't doing shit.

And Captain Marvel snapping instead of Stark is the thing that would've made fans revolt against the movie. Instead of completing the character arc of a loved character which people love from 10 years had they given that moment to a newbie which people barely have any connect too would've been total waste of a move.

The fact that fans were dreading that Cap Marvel would end up defeating Thanos, but luckily MCU is about pleasing the audience, not making them angry.

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Buddy That's Why Start Of The Movie Mention Disclaimer....... Is Kahani Ke Sabhi Patra Kalpanik Hai Aur Iska Maksad Keval Entertainment Karna Hai.

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I believe most have been listed already still,

3I: Rancho was such a genius, he did everything in the entire movies except for studies.

Rnbdj: A wife doesn't recognize her husband without a moustache. This was the height of stupidity.

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masala movie hai kuh bhi ho sakta hai.

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