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What made ChulbulPandey iconic was the grey element and raw approach ,but in part 2 and 3, he becomes a family man, taking away the USP. The makers misinterpreted "fun and onliners" to be the USP of Chulbul, but in reality, the "Bad-*** Robinhood" that made him stand out.
Currently the legacy of The biggest character bolly created is destroyed beyond repair.
The first draft of flashback in Dabangg3 was Chulbul Pandey's journey from being a local goon (Tapoori) to a badass robinhood cop.God knows why they made the flashback a spoof of Dabangg.
Anyway the 1st half was better than 2nd half but poor dialogues,outdated treatment and wrong interpretation did the dent.

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wow. so chulbul pandey might finally have some expressions.

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Impressed with expressions of SRK with his cop role movie One 2 Ka 4, waiting for a sequel or another cop role


that will require the animations to be of top notch quality

i think only the live action dabangg movies is the place where you'll get the expressions


@shah: you might be the only one waiting for the sequel.



Like SRK did in Kal ho naa ho (minus the iconic diary scene)
The final act was cringe

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This will be better than what PD and AK made.

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Kids of today deserved this

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After D2 and D3 they don't.....


The character is iconic. The 2nd and 3rd parts just did not do justice to it.


Its a joke now so stop defending it. Even Bhai fans know that the character took the last breath in December last year.


Two blockbuster movies with the character was already enough

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