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The thing is in good data science jobs nowadays they are recruiting PHDs from IITs / BITS etc  it is difficult to get into them without thorough DS background also i i have a huge inclination towards academia.

If anyone is from a related field it will be great advice /info
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IT Jobs looks so calm sitting in ac in a cubicle but they are literally the most soul crushing job out there wish someone paid me for being a fruit vendor instead

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Thank god I didn't do engineering.... My dad still regrets it though...


haha i still remember when I used to envy the gardener in our office complex's garden.. I would just look at the gardeners sprinkling water, cutting leaves and sitting in the shades of those trees... in my break time..

I would imagine what if I had such a wonderful job... thats what we do.. we envy what we dont have..


Bro be happy u guys have engg degrees(That's a huge thing). My 12th marks was so low that forget eng, I wasn't eligible even for a normal degree.


In India if u say u are an engineer( You get the respect from everyone). Who cares about your job...

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Machine learning is a wonderful and lucrative field these days, if you can master it you'll earn bucket load of money

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I don't have a lot of experience with this but machine learning/AI is the future. Sky is the limit if you can learn that and make it a career. India or overseas....you will earn huge.

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