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I have a very active social life.I have many freinds and every now and then we head for drinks. but more than that I miss gym. It was one thing that used to be on my mind always.

Working out in the morning, having that protein shake. Then follow the diet whole day, that broccoli my mom us d to make for me. The 6 scrambled eggs and 3 boiled ones. At one point I used to consume 12 eggs (7 egg whites, 5 whole eggs) a day. I had got into this routine, when I was in gym, I'd forget every difficulty of life and focus on one thing, training myself. I miss that the most now.
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Going out.


Praying Namaz in Masjid ...

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The most i miss is just the freedom to go out anywhere anytime i wanted although i am antisocial but still i miss going out meeting my friends on sundays it was fun
On a brighter side i have left smoking since 24th march bcoz of lockdown

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Actually nothing. I only wish lockdown was in winter. That would have been awesome.

In here, people are mostly vegan, and we have wheat, rice and few other stuff in stock for over an year. So food is no problem. Only thing I have a problem is with my specs being broken and Lenskart store is closed, so I have to manage with one arm broken specs from last 3 months.

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I miss doing business/work .

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@Charlie runkle How are you feeling now? Are you feeling relaxed ..


bhai.. rahat nahin mili abhi mukammal ..depression mein kami hai . magr waham jaise ka vaisa hai ..apne aap ko beemaar mehsoos kar raha hoon .

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Going outside, hanging out with friends, having fun and all that stuff, visiting places, touring my city on my bike for no damn reason and much more like that.


Chicken & Fish.

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Man i just had chicken last night after 4 months but since i ordered it from a restaurent now my family is pissed on me saying i can get corona now lol


touring my city on my bike for no damn reason

this hits hard.. i still do this but cant too far


touring my city on my bike for no damn reason

That's not nature friendly TB


My friend Jatinder..... In this world of men, everyone is wrong someplace somewhere, but he who is right is the one who is less wrong.

I'm wrong, but i try to keep my bike in good condition, i try to ride responsibly, i buy good quality fuel, i switch off my vehicle in traffic jam or red light, all of this equals to bit less pollution than what average vehicles in our country do.

We are not perfect but we can aspire to be better.

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Workout as you mentioned. I had a bad shoulder injury 2 years ago, I resumed proper workout and training in November and continued till Feb only for everything to be closed again. I miss my workouts really bad too.

Apart from that, travelling, not being able to go out and have a normal life. Past 2 months have been terrible. Dunno how the next few months are going to go.

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no then you are not a proper introvert bro


I am not an introvert. I like being around people. So its really really frustrating being stuck up. Plus I love travelling, so that is also finished.


i am not calling you a introvert i am just talking about introverts generally
i can very fondly be quarantined for few more months except that it is affecting my research work
o/w yeah i love travelling too 4 months ago i trip to north east india it was gorgeous in rain this august i will be going lahaul spiti valley


'After a point being alone and spending time with yourself also gets really boring.' -> find out what makes you boring. Go deeper and deeper.

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I have spent most days without taking classes since April 2002 and as a teacher I feel devastated

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nothing as such, because I really spend a lot of times indoors. even if my friends want to hangout I ask them to come to my house.

but I do regret missing my final semester in university. it would have been quite an experience. having sorted out most of my issues in life, this semester was supposed to be the one when I had the least amount of tension. yet I am stuck at home. at the end of each day me and my friends would go to a nearby dhaba and chat for a few hours. haven't done that since early Feb.

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I miss my tennis and friends.

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I am unable to meet my master due to lockdown. But Others things are going great for me.

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Well all I miss is my college life. In my college there is very good senior jounier culture. So, those who interact with seniors in 1st year then they can be friends like for whole college life. You just need to behave well with them, treat them as Sir and you will have access to every party they throw on their birthday or and occasion. So, I miss those parties a lot which me as a 3rd year would have got in excess from my final year. Plus we would have given them one hell of farewell which is not possible now. Then I miss my cricket matches and evening practice.
On the positive side due to Lockdown I am able to focus better on my studies for Gate preparation which otherwise would have not even started by now if I was in college because I am one of the busiest guy in college. So, I guess lockdown is not all bad.

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not being able to travel and see the world

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I am a big time foodie so I miss visiting hotels and ordering food online.

And also yes Office too.

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