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Continuing the series with Megastar's much awaited BHARAT because TB said it. 

Who knew this could be the last EID release & I would be making these posts to fill in for Radhe not releasing this EID. 

Anyways, this much awaited, much hyped project of Salman Khan was till date his most ambitious project backed by his brother-in-law & sister's production company Reel Life Productions. 7th film to be co-produced by Salman Khan Films, 9th overall to be presented. 

Megastar collaborated with Ali Abbas Zafar for the third time after the huge blockbusters SULTAN [2016] & TIGER ZINDA HAI [2017]. The 3rd time he had Katrina Kaif starring opposite to him last decade after Priyanka Chopra's messy walk out. Also, Salman Khan's costliest film outside Nadiadwala Grandson, YRF & Rajshri/Fox Star Studios banners. 

The film being a celebration of the Megastar aside, celebrated several important moments in the journey of our Nation. Be it political, sports, cinema & television, it was beautifully incorporated into the screenplay. The message of unity which Salman Khan strictly started preaching with Ek Tha Tiger was intact here too. Clubbed with that, what made this special was the ode to not just the reel father but to the ones who have etched their name in the history of this great nation from Chacha Nehru to Manmohan Singh to Sachin Tendulkar. Even the special tribute to Amitabh Bachchan as well as Bollywood itself (mention of Shah Rukh Khan too) left it's mark. 

Coming to the celebrations, well this was the big Salman Khan release after Race 3 in 2018. And it was welcomed in a huge way as expected. It covered up for the poor performance of Tubelight & mainly the poor film that was Race 3. Though an underperformer overall, the movie ensured his no.1 spot firmly. 

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Bharat audience craze -

Gaiety Galaxy celebration (because I am standing there in that crowd)

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Is it Eid already?
Over the years I used to remember Eid date and even had some sort of feel of festivity as here being almost zero muslim population, there are no traces of Eid whatsoever. Perhaps it was due to movies only as otherwise I have nothing to do with Eid.


2 more days.

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Its my 2nd most favorite movie of Megastar from last decade or maybe my favorite. I connected with the movie so much.

Salman lived the role of Bharat. I wouldn't change a thing about the movie. Only Chashni song dragged a bit. Watched it three times in theater and multiple times on laptop. Showed it to Mom, she loved it.

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Huge under-performer. Primarily because of the World Cup!

First day (Eid) clashed with India vs South Africa
First Sunday clashed with India vs Australia
Second Sunday clashed with India vs Pakistan.

3 big days might have made a huge dent in it's collections!

The film was average according to me. Different from his other hits. Definitely made up for the previous 2 eid releases.

However, on an unrelated note. I want to see how LSC turns out. Bharat did talk about major milestones in the history of India (though Salman didn't play a direct role impacting it as Tom Hanks did for American History in Forrest Gump). But comparisons are definitely going to be made between Bharat & LSC.

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I loved this movie. Yeah it was dragged along a bit in the 2nd half at times, but overall a great watch compared to Eid 2017 and 18. The climax was fantastic and emotional.

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Watched it in a night show.

Most memorable moment was when the scene Salman met Tabu and started crying.......... Not because it was masterpiece sequence, but because some people in row before us starting laughing their *** off in that scene and it started the chain reaction of others laughing including us, it was hilarious

Yeah, that's the most memorable thing about what was otherwise a pointless movie, rank pointless.

I mean it wasn't good like BB & Sultan, it wasn't Race 3, Bodyguard level slog and it certainly wasn't entertaining flick like Dabangg & Kick.

It was........... Just there, pointless and dull.

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Some changes here and there and this movie could've been much better and a bigger grosser. It's decent overall. Much better than TB or Race 3.

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A bumper opener and a good performance.
Loves the movie

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