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1988 - 1992 (First 5 Years Since Debut)

1. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak - Blockbuster

2. Dil - Blockbuster

3. Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi - Hit

1993 - 1997 (Second 5 Years Since Debut)

1. Raja Hindustani - All Time Blockbuster

2. Rangeela - Blockbuster

3. Ishq - Super Hit

4. Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke - Hit

1998 - 2002 (Third 5 Years Since Debut)

1. Lagaan - Hit

2. Sarfarosh - Hit

3. Ghulam - Hit

2003 - 2007 (Fourth 5 Years Since Debut)

1. Fanaa - Super Hit

2. Taare Zameen Par - Super Hit

3. Rang De Basanti - Hit

2008 - 2012 (Fifth 5 Years Since Debut)

1. 3 Idiots - All Time Blockbuster

2. Ghajini - Blockbuster

2013 - 2017 (Sixth 5 Years Since Debut)

1. Dangal - All Time Blockbuster

2. Pk - All Time Blockbuster

3. Dhoom 3 - All Time Blockbuster

2018 - 2022 (Seventh 5 Years Since Debut)

Aamir Khan Top To Worst 5 Years Period Since Debut.

2013-2017>> 1993-1997>> 1988-1992>> 2008-2012>> 2003-2007>> 1998-2002>> 2018-2022

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Please add JJWS and Tzp is superhit


Taare Zameen par is a super hit. You are right. I correct it. Shayad print mistake ho gayi.

JJWS is average in old BOI so max it's a semi hit at that box office. Yes chances are there but not sure so not included.


2013-2016: 3 ATBB, Dream Like Run At Box Office May Never Be Repeated Again Though As A Fan I Wish Aamir Once Again Repeats It!

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Amazing record. Rare combination of quality and box office numbers. The only thing which has hit him bad is his low volume. Went away for four years and then has stuck to one movie in two years. Leave that aside, he's the best actor/star combo we have today.

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42 Films
24 Success
16 Outright Flops
18 Hits
13 Super Hits*
9 Blockbusters
5 All Time Blockbusters

And 2 Decades Of Career Still Left

*Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke Can Be Super Hit, As Its Semi Hit Both As Per Old BOI And Film Information

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Wish remains wish.
Waiting for 20 th Hit to happen soon


He will now have a release in 2021, three years gap. He needs to sign a movie asap and have it ready for 2022. He will be 55 next year and in the last lap of his career as a leading man


Shah Bro He Would Most Probably Achieve It In 2022

Intense Bro He Already Has Signed Mogul And Vikram Vedha Is Almost Confirmed As Well, Also Himesh Mankad Hinted That Aamir Will Be Having Back To Back Releases i. e, 1 Film Per Year (Aamir Also Told His Fans The Same Thing When They Met Him) So We Can Optimistically Expect 7 Back To Back Films From Him In His 1st Innings Before He Shifts To 2nd Innings As Full Time Director And Part Time Actor Which He Already Hinted At!

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Amazing track record.

Waiting for salman khan's version.

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great analysis bro

waiting for salman khan one

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Yes tomorrow I posted it.....

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2005-2009 is his best period..sadly he decided to take long breaks after that..anyways he is one of the best actors of his time and probably has the best films among superstars. I usually rewatch his films a lot..even today i saw tzp. Hope since lsc he does 1 film every year.

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Rancho, thoda active raha karo bhai. Aaj kal kahan busy ho?


@rancho until there's an announcement i cant be sure..but he will have plenty of time after lsc until 2022 to release mogul and then vv probably wont take much time to complete by 2023 so lets see..only problem is that age factor. But luckily aamir still doesnt look old on screen so hope he can continue for6/7 years more.


Intense Bhai Actually I Went To My Native Place In Bihar And Yahan Internet Ki Thodi Problem Hai Isiliye Jyada Online Nahi Reh Paa Raha


Kakrot Bro Ya He Can Play Lead Hero For 5-7 Years More In His 1st Innings, Then 15 Odd Years As Character Artist In 2nd Innings!

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Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke was a Hit.

I'm not sure if BOI will declare it as one because they seem to have some issues with Aamir.

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They Will Surely Give It Hit Bro, As Per Old BOI And Even As Per FI It Is Semi Hit, It Can Even Be A Super Hit!

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Teriffic actor and also very good career His old movies like DHKMN lagaan aaa JJWS dil sarfarosh are my all time favourites
Every now and then i keep repeating his old movies
Very Good career overall but less volume of hits costed him dearly and place in top 10 stars list by BOI

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aamir khan the only actor whose fan i am yet to meet in real life

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I have not met Amir, Ranbir, Ajay fans in real life


Come to Bangalore and call me.
It's difficult to find fans in villages..


Lol Kashyap


sorry mate bangalore is a village itself
i only go to posh places


name some please...

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Word's biggest megastar...

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