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With theaters most probably done for this year and most movies which will opt for ott platforms,it isnt good news for many of our top mega/super/big stars

Salman Khan: I was kinda hoping Radhe will be the movie to bring back good times (yeah despite PD), his next on Eid 2021 with that legendary supporting cast giving me race 3 vibes.

Aamir Khan: No movie release for 3 years, enormous pressure to give a quality product on him.

Akshay Kumar: Sooryavanshi could have been a prospective 300cr movie for him. His future projects dont look the sort to be that big. Prithviraj could go either way and BP, Bell Bottom etc could be small hits but not blockbuster stuff.

Ajay Devgn: Tanhaji set him up so well, Bhuj and Maidaan could have consolidated him further this year.

SRK: The movie with Hirani is confirmed but now in 2022, its gonna be 8 years since SRK had a hit.

HR: He could have done so many cult fit commercials in this one year, gone for numerous holidays with his kids, damn...what a waste of a a 2020.
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I agree, with theatres shut for more than 2 months now, and I assume the theatres will open by 15th august (best case), that is 5 months of theatres being shut down. In this time, almost 30 movies would have released (Small and Big Budget movies included).

It has really taken a halt on shooting films, post production as well. Many actors aren't able to sign new films or announce any new films because of this. The biggest announcement, the speculated YRF 50 is postponed cos of this.

This announcement is set to be huge and was supposed to be done in April, but now moved to September 27th (Yash Ji's birthday) according to sources. Almost all the actors you mentioned above will have a huge film lined up. War 2, Dhoom 4, Tiger 3, an Akshay Kumar Action film, Ranbir Kapoor & Ranveer Singh film. It was going to be huge.

But now everything will be taking a back seat, for at least a year. As of now, the best case can be one big film each on 2nd October, Diwali & Christmas/New Year. But this is just wishful thinking and almost difficult to implement.

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Hritik sitting there with his cold beer.

Taking long breaks has finally paid off. Maybe he was aware of the pandemic 10 years ago.

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All will be affected except hrithik lol..he anyways isn't interested in doing films..he also told in an interview that now he doesn't feel the urge to do a movie unless the script is convincing enough..he is perfect to play larger than life characters but won't do it..imagine if he was in place of prabhas in bahubali..ajay has golmaal and Singham franchise..so he will probably have 3/4 blockbusters in the next 5 years.

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Actually SRK will be least affected considering he doesn't have any movie set up and hence is not facing any financial burden, unlike other stars, whose movie budgets is increasing each passing days.

His other venture is safe as IPL will happen later this year so he's good at that part and he's churning out Netflix specials, that should keep him busy for some time.
Hrithik also don't have movies, but his venture of gyms and clothes is in trouble, although he'll be enjoying those emails and messages, also while secretly hoping that this one doesn't turns out to be like Kangana.
Rest stars are screwed.

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Who's she?

also while secretly hoping that this one doesn't turns out to be like

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these are still just small things there will be far more serious implications on cinema overall due to this

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SRK's YRF movie would have been announced in April 2020 after 3 years and 8 months wait. But it had to be cancelled because of Covid. I hope YRF announces their lineup in Sept regardless of production delays.

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