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Sairat Climax :: The most shocking / haunting climax in the history of movies . It  haunted me for weeks when i watched it 1st time, the next time i saw Sairat in theatre i left before the climax .

Don Climax :: My favourite Bollywood climax . Saw it FDFS in single screen . The theatre literally went mad in the last moments.

Kajol identity revelation Gupt . The biggest shock for me  in movies during my childhood

Shahrukh throws Shilpa in Baazigar . I was like wth happened .

Aishwarya backstabs Akshay Khakee . I will hate her forever for that

Wanted Climax ::  Salman identity revealed . Very good filmed , i liked movie mostly for it  only.

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Definitely Don twist, i mean it was a remake, everyone KNEW that how was it going to end, everybody KNEW that Vijay will defeat Vardhan and will live happily ever after with Roma.

But then.... Hey, what did they KNEW..??

SRK throwing Shilpa Shetty over the roof was shocking but no one knew that how it will alter the complexion of the Bollywood, it in my opinion is a historic not just because of its immediate impact on the audience but also on being the spark that lit the fire called SHAH RUKH KHAN

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I had forgotten the Baazigar bit. Yeah definitely worth adding

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  1. Kaun (1999 film) Climax. Still gives me chills

  2. Dhoom 3 Interval Scene. Very well shot

  3. War Suspense revealed scene

  4. Andhadhun (Almost all the scenes)

  5. Don Climax

  6. Bahubali The Beginning Climax

  7. Drishyam Climax

  8. Badla Climax

There are many other climax scenes from South Indian movies like Evaru, Goodachari, Dhuruvangal Pathinaru, Mathu Vadalara, Ratsasan

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Talaash climax.... Dangal climax......

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are talaash to theek hai dangal me kaunsa shock lag gaya aapko


National anthem... Full theater erupted


Also add Ghajini...


it was more of drama not schocking per se.

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kabhi haa kabhi naa ending not jaw dropping but a welcome change from all those predicatble love stories
same with raanjhana

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Don climax. The movie as a whole was poor but the climax was a shocker.

Andhadhun: Almost everything was edge of the seat stuff
Gupt: Yeah the Kajol twist was a good one
Khakee: Damn...never thought Ash would do that. Fantastic movie though
Ek tha Tiger: interval scene when Tiger points his gun at Zoya
War : The khalid angle
Dhoom3: Interval scene. Was well done in an otherwise boring movie
Drishyam climax
Badla climax
Talaash climax (a friend spoilt it for me, he knew the ending but still was a good one)
Baazigar: When Shahrukh throws off Shilpa from the roof, no one could have expected that.

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when Tubelight moved the mountain. mind blowing stuff.

when Firangi gave the britishers drugged mithai, no one could have guessed that.

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from north movies i will pick Gupt and Don

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  1. Satya: The twist where Govind Namdeo betrayed Manoj Bajpai.

  2. Baazigar: SRK tips Shilpa Shetty over the ledge who crashes through glass.

  3. Mohra: Naseeruddin Shah pretends to be blind and is revealed as the baddie.

  4. Gupt: Kajol was the culprit in the end.

  5. Hu Tu Tu: Tabu & Suniel Shetty were both superb in the ending where they both die.

  6. Sairat: Climax was disturbing.

  7. Khakee: Aishwarya Rai betrays Akshay Kumar.

  8. Drishyam: Ajay Devgn reveals where he hid the dead body. Tabu's face expression was superb.

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oh yes i forgot mohra

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Badla Climax

Aishwarya backstabs Akshay Khakee


jweal thief climax

Khamosh climax

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