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The Covid 19 lock down is now 2 months old and there is a situation where many films are looking at a digital release which was expected if the lock down got prolonged. The smaller films can get out with fair profits and with no clarity as to when films will start to release the digital rights are a god saver. The exhibitors are against this but its more the situation rather than preferring digital for the initial release.

There are also films which are holding out for the theaters as the people involved believe there films deserve the big screen screen release. The films listed below are the ones where shooting was complete. The first group are the films waiting for the theaters and they are.
1. Sooryavanshi
2. 1983
3. Coolie No 1

The above films are not set for a digital release at the moment but even here there will be have to be some clarity in the next month or two because there is a limit of waiting to see when they can reach the theatres as the costs build. At the moment there are tentative dates of early July when theatres will open up in US and Europe (some countries have opened) but India is just guess work. If these makers can get a rough idea when they can come it will ease the pressure.

The next film is basically a WHITE HORSE as it is in a different situation to all the other releases as all rights are held by a concern which monetizes on its own platforms.
4. Laxmi Bomb

This film has been acquired by Fox / Disney for around 150 crore for all rights leaving the producers with huge table profit. Now here Fox / Disney has a sister concern Hotstar which is the biggest OTT platform in India with around 80 lakh paid subscibers and that is almost double of Amazon Prime (figures pre lockdown). Here a digital release will be with Hotstar which will mean the recovery will not happen as you are not going to get extra subscribers to cover the huge costs of the film and television which will go to the other sister concern Star Gold which is hit badly with advertisemnet rates down 80-90% due to Covid 19.

A digital release means that digital and satellite are the only sources of revenue. There is music in the film but that will not go for much when there is hardly any spend on promoting the film. In normal times this film would never have a chance of being a digital release but Hotstar has lost IPL which is the biggest content on digital and need some big new content and Laxmi Bomb is big especially for digital. On top this is the only film that Hotstar has at the moment.

The film will be complete with post production soon and although a theatrical release would benefit Disney / Fox the pressure will be on as other digital giants are announcing new film content on their platforms and more will be announced in the coming time while there is little idea as to when cinemas will open. In the West credit is being given on paid platforms which are unable to provide enough content just to keep subscribers on board as they cancel their subscriptions but that is not the case in India and for a platform like Hotstar they have limited content as its all local and nothing from abroad like Amazon and Netflix.

The next list are generally small and mid budget films where some films have gone to digital while others will probably be announced in the time to come as the lockdown goes on..
5. Gulabo Sitabo (65-70 crore to Amazon Prime)
6. Shukuntala Devi (30 crore to Amazon Prime)
7. Chehre
8. Gunjan Saxena
9. Khuda Hafiz
10. Jhund
11. Ludo
12. Mimi
13. Roohi Afza

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GS 75 crore
Shankuntala devi 30 crore

free ka paisa hai kya in ott waalo ke paas

answered by Location Manager (6.2k points)
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The way cases are rising...I guess the likes of Sooryavanshi will also make it to the ott platforms.

answered by Super-star (174k points)
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83 15th Aug premier on streaming

Sooryavanshi 2nd Oct premier on streaming

Radhe Diwali premier on streaming

answered by Executive Producer (66.8k points)

Sad. But true seeing how things are.

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The fact that there are people within the industry who think that Coolie No 1 is even comparable to Soooryavanshi and 83 shows how badly Bollywood is filled with delusional people.

Meanwhile, the more they delay, yhe more losses producers will face, at the end there might be a situation where they have to give away likes of Sooryavanshi, 83, Raadhe on digital.

And I'm up for it, bring it on, they are anyways not worth spending 600-700 rs in theaters. Atleast people will get something new to watch in these times.

answered by Mega Star (225k points)
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agar sooryavanshi ott hui to reliance vaalo ko sadak pe bhaga bhaga kar maarenge

answered by Art Director (2.7k points)

They have no other option. Cases are increasing day by day. High chances both Lb and Sooryavanshi will make it to OTT


dont care wait for 1 year if needed aur kya ott waale 240-250 cr denge iske jab GS jaise ke liye 80 cr de diye


dont care wait for 1 year!! lol jo interest badega wo tu dega kya?

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pressure is also mounting on south movies off lately now to go ott

answered by Set Designer (2.3k points)

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