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Are ads alone sufficient to sustain a site

And who in the green hell is Harminder everyone talks I have never seen his photo too
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What I've observed is that BOI speaks well of Reshma Shetty's clients and Dharma.

Their verdicts are also eschewed based on who they favor. Do the math.

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buisness cannot run like this these are cosnpiracy theories there has to be proper income source

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Harminder is terrence malick and adi chopra combined into one , no one has saw him no one has talked to him ..... he just exists

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well they tried subscription thing a while ago but who would pay money to get BO data? I mean yes, we all love fighting with it but to pay money for it? No thanks

My guess is same that they get their money from industry people.

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why would industry people pay them they are in buisness for 5/6 decades there should be something concrete as they have all india network


Their work is shitty at best. There is no way to access old articles from their site. Once an article is overwritten by another, you have to google to find that article. Countless stance changes, design changes, verdict changes.

If they had something concrete, it would show in their work. They don't seem motivated enough or don't care at all. These days their words hold no value, just the reporting is good and has been since long. They are partial, biased and everything.

A business oriented website would never pick sides and would report numbers only.


shitty or not they have the most extensive network in india
i think online revenue with some real interest in box office info is what keeping them alive


@seinfield, actually quite a few people paid. On forum itself we had. 3 paid subscribers.

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atleast BOI is much more dignified and professional compared to ABO portal we have in south and also few trackers

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