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We have seen the verdicts escalate from a movie being an ATBB to only to come down to become a BB. Flops have become hits/semi hits. Hits have been deemed blockbusters.

And all this because that shit of a website decides so. A model like BoxOfficeMojo would be ideal but for an industry obsessed with verdicts and fudging collections, that will never happen here.

I for one believe the verdicts of the movies should be left for the audience to decide or the business should speak for itself. I have been reading BOM commentary for years and there just those subtle hints at movies being a success or a failure. They never go out of their way to label a movie as flop or hit.
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Verdicts are fine.

Film Information verdicts are better but such strict verdicts won't garner viewership. Anyways industry will follow Film Information verdicts only.

Just that with BOI, I don't think I'll get on board with Super Blockbuster one. It sounds like Andhraboxoffice's double blockbuster, quadruple blockbuster etc.


True. Especially this Super Blockbuster is really crap

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Verdicts are actually nice addition to the box office and it's something Hollywood should have in mainstream though the economics of Hollywood movies is something which box office forums do talk about.

Problem in India is how the business work.

In Hollywood, a film is usually produced and distributed by same studio and the profit/loss is basically every revenue they get minus every cost. A nice simple math.

In Bollywood or India, the producers are usually different while distributor is another person. The films go through various middle-men i.e. Distributor, Sub Distributor and then Exhibitors. Now it is perfectly likely that a film is huge Blockbuster for Producer but huge Disaster for Distributor. That's where the problem arise. e.g. Tubelight. Salman Khan spend around ₹80cr on making Tubelight and another ₹20cr on releasing it. The film recovered its entire cost from Satellite and Digital itself. The huge ₹190cr from Theatrical rights was plain profit. Salman made a huge ₹225cr plus Table profit from the film but the Distributor of the film lost ₹120cr from the film. What should be the verdict of the film?

In Hollywood, people would consider it a HIT, if there was no middle man, Salman Khan as producer would still made ₹100cr profit if he had himself distributed film but in India and especially trade the verdict is usually what Distributor made money or not.

BOI has tried to change this in last few years and that's where confusions started. If BOI follow the producer made money thing, many past FLOPs will be HIT now and they aren't that lenient on every film, with them getting back to basic of whether film made money theatrically thing on smaller films like Thappad. So confusion hi confusion hai.

Ideally a film has 3 parties and all 3 could have different verdicts. IMO for the theatrical verdict, For a HIT film, Exhibitor should always have a HIT business, which is when a film has good run or good occupancies and either one of Distributor or Producer should make profit.

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distribution right of tubelight was sold for 200 cr worldwide?


140cr India and 50cr Overseas. The Sub-Distributor in some other territories got in 150cr ratio.


I dont think subdistributers should be counted ..What is distributor share% for overseas?

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Not BOI's system. It's a joke.

The only verdicts that should exist is Flop, Average, Hit, Blockbuster, and ATBB.

Rest is useless.

Tomorrow, what if most big movies end up grossing 500+ crores, or generate 5 crore footfalls? Will BOI introduce a new category, a Semi Blockbuster verdict?

It's a joke.

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It's a joke actually. Especially Super Blockbuster.

Hollywood works differently since they use Rentrak/ComScore which calculates collections across all theatres. In India, this will never work, or will take a long time to work as collections from single screens in the smaller cities will be difficult to implement.

If the Rentrack model is adopted, then the profit & profit % made by the producers & distributors can be calculated accurately and we can determine the actual verdict of the film.

These verdicts cause fan wars more than anything else.

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BOI verdicts are toys to play for children arguing over stupid stuff.

Trade verdicts are the real deal and trust me, majority of fanbois & fangurls on social media won't be able to accept those verdicts lol.

They are very strict and not for children, so let them be happy with BOI one's, like a cat playing with ball of yarn.

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to sirji aap itni saare posts kaise bana paooge fir
anyway i agree infact i believe collections should not be even revealed publicly logo ko kyaa matlab kisne kya kamaaya

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haha you have to take those lame potshots dont you

Well those posts are just for fun and banter. And that collection thing fulfills the ego of the makers among so many other things, they will always share them.

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Toh bhai firtoh aaplog D3 aur Race 3 ko BB bolna suru kar doge.

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haha I expected more from you man


Won't disappoint you next time for sure.....


wait before salman fans comes with some twisted methods to declare both are hits

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Verdict systems are for fan wars and even boi knows it..before coming to know about boi I heard of only 3/4 verdicts- blockbuster, superhit/hit and flop. In Hollywood these kind of fan wars don't happen as they are not star dependent. If verdicts of the movies are left for audience they will think race 3 is a blockbuster. I don't know how boi gives these verdicts but I like it..though super blockbuster sounds very lame..

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holly fan wars happen mostly on franchise, superheroes and stuff

not too much on numbers though


coz star system is long finished in hollywood
big studios have taken over everything
hindi cinema too seems moving towards it

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What Boi is doing is a crap.
now raaes or bang bang are semi-hit and after few years if BOI updates that both are Hits,then all our arguments with other star fans will go in vain.

Simple thing is boxoffice is not so transparent in india.
First boxoffice collections should come directly from ticket counters along with number of admissions not from trade like BOXOFFICEINDIA or Andhraboxoffice or other sources.
We cannot go by approx figures or sit and estimate from which screen collections have come and calculate ATP and give footfalls and verdicts.


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