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I really disliked the film. It was well shot is the one positive thing I re-iterate. Otherwise, it was poorly written + directed film with questionable purpose.

And I have loved tragic films. But they have a purpose. Having grown up watching most of them or to specifically quote Selvaraghavan & Bala's films, Dia lacked that nuance from the beginning.

The ending of Dia, I clearly remember, laughing out so loud that my neighbour had woken up to check on me in the night. For that climax to work as a shocker, there was no proper build up & this happens right after the death of hero's mother which again the director did not give enough rime for me as an audience to digest. So, as a narrator if you only want to force feed tragedy one after another, you find it hard to connect. Even with the heroine, except for falling in love, minus her patriarchal dad, she has a perfect life. Why make every damn thing about her being tragic just went beyond me. Needed the screenplay as well as characterization more layered than giving dramatic scenes.

If one breaks down the scenes individually or just plot points, you see the similarity with many other films. All in all, I found it more overhyped considering that being the sole reason for me watching this film.

I found Love Mocktail better though extremely predictable because of likable characters & they're well etched out. Dia lacked that entirely even though the second hero was really good but ofcourse say Hindi audience might relate him to Tum Bin's Priyanshu or Saif Ali Khan in Hum Tum cheering Rani after Abhishek's death.


Wow I liked the film so much already seen it 2 times lol. I suggested my friends here to watch it and they liked it as well.

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i am waiting to watch it heard its good but hope it doesn't disappoint like Rangitaranga

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It's a must watch, it's available in Amazon prime video with subtitles.


ok will catch soon

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The ending is quiet shocking.......

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Yes dont understand how they couldn't hear the train lol.

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