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Found this old article 

It says 

"Aamir khan had one release in Andaz apna apna' which became a hit, which has consolidated his reigning position.

Check  film information verdict here : https://satyamshot.wordpress.com/2020/02/18/film-information-verdicts-over-the-years/

Both Andaz Apna Apna and Kabhi haan Kabhi Na are commission earner , but on BOI now KHKN is now semit hit while Andaz Apna Apna is flop.

Source Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/bollywood/comments/b70hyd/people_had_created_this_image_of_andaz_apna_apna/
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Ah satyamshot. Finally someone posted from it after a long time. Miss having forum members who followed satyamshot's every post religiously.

Anyways, BOI went harsh calling it a flop as opposed to Film Information's B1 verdict which at the best is Average wrt to BOI's verdict system. Anyways they went with Flop verdict.

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It was a commission earner which is considered as Semihit currently.
At that time it was hit in Mumbai and South while poor in North and East.
Even the reviews suggested the same it would work solid in A centers while small centers will be a struggle and it faced Hahk and Suhaag in A centers that costed it's centers in Mumbai and it had deficit effect too.

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haha reigning position lol
that takes away all the credibility of the article

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Aamir gives big hit while tv star srk, asking gives chindi hits. Dangal, pk ka Naam suna hai kabhi.


hahaa aamir 12 hits in career
akki gives this many in 2/3 years lol

that chindistar placed below mithun and rishi by BOI

Fight with ayushmann fans akki's wrist has more following than that chindi star hahaha

though i shall agree half with you srk abhi bhi tv star hi hai


haha ab boi bhi irrelevant ho gaya

vaise i know in 2/3 years as akshay becomes established as top superstar all these khan fans would start disowning boi too


Abhay, warning for you. You're not allowed to threaten any user here. Be ready for a ban next time you say something like this

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AAA was flopped....it was only hit in mumbai city (not circuit).....earlier most of the magazine gave box office verdict based on good reviews and mumbai city hit.....if movie carried good reviews and good collection in mumbai then it was considered as a hit this was case with many movie best example was parinda.....second thing some time FI gives beyond imagination verdict....according to them oh darling yeh hai india was commission earner...but reality it was disaster....but kabhi ha kabh na was genuine semihit movie not just based on cost vs profit but it has done very well in mumbai city and few other cities....see box office collection in terms of occupancy in mumbai city...1sr week 98%, 2nd 88, 3rd 80% 4th 76%...it has done very well in kolkata and banglore too.....other hand AAA 1st week 98% 2nd week 76 and 3rd week dropped to 57%....khkn and salami had similar pattern of collection in mumbai city....another thing cost involved with AAA was very high 4 commrtial star with many established character artist, diector raj santoshi and delay in making....khkn was very low budget movie...and it was easy recovered cost for the movie...

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Overall Andaz apn apna has more collection compared to kabhi haa kabhi na


collection may be looks big on board but if u see carefully pre aug and post aug....u will see there is huge differences in collection and footfall....after HAHK success most of the cinema owner renovated their property and increased ticket prices.... that is y collections of movies are more which released post aug but low ff compare to movies released pre aug....

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Doesn’t matter if it was flop or hit.When ever I watch this movie it brings smile on my face .Only those hate this movie who are in depression.

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Add to it:
Screen Weekly Magazine:
Andaz Apna Apna-Hit
Taran Adarsh- neither hit nor flop
Producer- did well

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Yes it is a flop and a deserving one.

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Kabhi na kabhi naa is a disaster as deserving.
Just like zero....

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Ye konsi movie hai bhai


just watch it
srks personal favorite movie
and he has never looked as innocent as he did in that
realistic movie


Isne mela nahi dekhi lagati jo duniya ki sabse badi disaster movie hai same like jawani zindabadd atanak hi atank deewana mujhsa nahi tum mere ho


Ya all the above mentioned movies are bad just like Entire Shahrukh's filmography....
Chak de swades chak de swades lol...... Get over it...... Useless zero star...
Now he is competing saif ali khan........


Idiot bina stardom fan following ke koi 5 industry hits deta hai? Even Shahid crossed 210cr mark but small tv actor se to is janam lagta nai Deepika starter ce cross hoga.


18 kahan hai?...max 15 honge dil ko add karke....5 hit dene ke liye chota bheem aur 20 saal lega....


Abhay and srk999, name calling is not allowed. SRK and Aamir is good to use I guess instead of calling them other names.


Aamir's disaster if shahrukh reaches today, it will be a miracle


@lambodar .... aamir with these low volume of hits wont be even in top 15 stars of BOI list in hindi cinema now


Aamir has 18 hits he will get 25 by the time he retire s.


Boi is luccha site. Earlier they included Rajendra Kumar in top 10 but now they excluded him and put b grade stars rishi and mithun. Anyhow they will not include srk in top 10.


hahaha aamir ko nikaala top 10 me to ab boi hi luchchi site ho gayi

why would anyone place him in top 15 with so less hits

aamir has only 13/14 hits akshay has meanwhile akshay has 31 lol

and aamir fans here troll akshay lmfao


Aamir one cameo secret worldwide= 10-15 akshay combined. Sleep well tc


lol akshay on non festival 200 cr
chindi star diwali 138cr
below mithun in ranking by BOI hahaha


mithun ka naam yahan mat lo comparisom ke liye......dada ne 85, 86, 88, 89 me 5 se uper hit filme di hai saal me jo aamir ne kisi bhi decade me nahi di hai....woh to boi k latest update k wajah se may be 90s me 6-7 ho jayegi...lekin ghulam, dhkmn, sarfarosh koi clean hits movies nahi hai...


Srk no stardom no hit tv shows. Aak thu. Even govinda had hit tv show. Yrf dharma made tiny star. No hit in 1994,1996,1999.stardomless tv star.


shameless yrf star with zero stardom. His last movie zero proved it........


Both SRK and Aamir are beyond these petty number games by now. @Abhay, he is the only guy who has transitioned from TV to become such a massive massive name in Bollywood and worldwide. Got to respect him for that na. Hits and flops are part and parcel of the game


srk a tv star ? really!!
he is biggest star after bachchan although people in south here do prefer our local heroes but still on national level most people will pick srk only as the biggest star even though salman khan also performed well this decade mainly because he has been in top limelight about bollywood almost since 90s
most people in south learn hindi following bollywood movies rather than taking hindi as a subject so its not that we are not aware of hindi movies
and regarding fan following and stardom worldwide i do not think any star from india comes close to shahrukh khan though hisfilms have been bad lately


I'm from Bangalore and here Aamir is the fav star ravi... Don't talk non-sense. I've lived in bangalore for 28 years.. Check mysore circuit.... In 2007, tzp was the highest beating cdi and others despite clashing with commercial welcome. Aamir has been consistent in south.

shahrukh khan though his films have been bad lately- Last 13 years is not lately.... It's consistently....

And about understanding hindi, People in Bangalore/Karnataka(kannadigas) can understand 5-6 languages. I don't know which state u are from....


bro banglore is a different case, in karnataka if you go to interiors even a big city like mysore people there are not as much fluent in hindi they might understand but cant speak properly and in tn its a altogether different case majority cant even speak hindi even if big cities are concerned
i am not a stats guy like you who knows each circuit collection i am speaking more about general perception of stars here not every single movie collection
i already said srk movies has been bad lately but what about his consistency he maintained from ddlj to almost 2 next 2 decades
plus its not only hindi movies telugu/tamil too open massive in karnataka
aamir is also a teriffic actor i too like him but to say srk is a tv star is simply ridiculous


@kashyap123.....it is true that lately Aamir is biggest star in mysore circuit but it it was from 2009 onward table has turned toward Aamir....till then srk was rulling single handedly in south territory including mysore....u r giving example of cdi vs tzp and calling tzp was clashed how about don vs fanaa.....dispite don has clashed with janeman still gross more than fanaa....and srk has given more no of hits and bb in mysore circuit till 2008 irrespective of genre and festival holidays....aamir has given few big hit post gajini, but 2 of them with raju hirani who himself is biggesr in mysore circuit since lage raho munna bhai and all aamir's big hit are xmas release, check his record outside xmas in mysore circuit....u will get only one rdb...


biggest star ? , in his good phase between 2016 to 2021 he will have zero hits and only 3 succesful movies in in 12 years is that a good performance

aamir is a good actor and a star that's it but he does not have fan following and stardom which other two khans and akshay have its very rare to even find a aamir fan

overall career he has literally 12 odd hits in a 30 year period which is seriously mediocre performance for big star and his fans comment on akshay kumar who has nearly thrice his number of hits


Srk is super flop actor. Even Aayushman khurrana is bigger than him.


Funny, that you say this despite being a hardcore SRK fan at one time.

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it was flop but now BOI ese avg de sakta hai.

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lol.BOI flop dechuka hai..ab phirse verdict change karne laga toh BOI ka game over

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After watching it I understood why it was flop.....overrated film of history

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good atleast you watched it ..I couldnt even dare to watch 10 minutes of ddlj swades and cdi..Over rated ki vi haad todihai in films ne

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it was a mega flop

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same as akki who has 35 flops from 1996 to 2015 with just 4 solo hit


sorry my mistake..Not 35 flops but 49 flops

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