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Lets first define solo. A movie which is a one hero project and that hero is central to the plot. Maybe a bit harsh on Aamir (3i, Dhoom3) but let's get it out there.

Most solo ATBB:

Salman : 3

Aamir : 3

SRK : 2

Ajay : 0

Akki : 0

Most solo blockbuster:

Salman : 9

SRK : 6

Aamir : 4

Ajay : 1

Akshay : 1

Most solo superhits(incl blockbuster+atbb):

Salman: 10

Srk: 9

Aamir : 6

Akshay : 6

Ajay : 5

Most hits (incl superhits, blockbuster and atbb)

Srk : 19

Salman: 14

Akshay : 13

Aamir : 9

Ajay : 8

Most flops:

Akshay : 17

Ajay : 13

Srk : 12

Salman : 10

Aamir : 5

Most disasters:

Akshay : 9

Ajay : 9

Salman : 5

Srk : 2

Aamir : 1

Ajay :

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this is a purely solo list. Oner hero projects. Changes and corrections are welcome.


I think 3 idiots & Dhoom 3 deserve to be in Aamir's solo movies bcoz none of his co-stars were bankable ....

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Salman Khan has 17 confirmed solohits

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A Film Is Considered Multistarrer For A Male Actor Only When It Has MULTIPLE ACTIVE MALE STARS

All 5 ATBB Of Aamir Are Solo
8/9 Blockbusters Of Aamir Are Solo (Rangeela Multistarrer)
10/12 Super Hits Of Aamir Are Solo (Rangeela, Ishq Multistarrer)
16/18 Hits Of Aamir Are Solo (Rangeela, Ishq Multistarrer)

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Are bhai aaj to idhar


Han Bhai Aaj Bollywood Ki News Jaane Ka Manna Kiya Toh Aa Gaya


bhai tere bagair maza nahi ata tha....mere or se +


Hahah thanks bhai @lambodar

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If the Raju hirani movie goes well, SRK might add an ATBB to his name and come level with Salman and Aamir.

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most probably it will be shelved if not it will be a contender to bombay velvet if costs are high


Shooting will start in 2021. As of now it should release in 2022. SRK has all the star power but he's wasted himself behind vfx. Hirani is the best story teller in the business. He whitewashed Baba's image and projected him as a victim. If hirani is given a free hand....I am sure SRK has one solid outing in him.


so called mod @ intense dekh tera chacha saaransh ka answer wo vi same hota hai sare k sare question pe..kyun sirf mera comment ko hide karta hai be? tum dono me kya chalraha? tera hi fake account toh nahi wo!!


Mind your words Santosh. I have better things in life than to make a fake account fyi. Lastly, I've been hiding both your comments wherever deemed appropriate.

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congragulations sir i have seen this question 993669809642860098664486900088752342468768088422444668798th time now

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Failed attempt at sarcasm.


well my sincere apologies then ....

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everyone here knows how much salman fans fudge the data and manipulate it to show their actor he has way more flops /disaster and lesser credits in hit than in this list
the fact is in overall career performance getting credit and consistency salman would lag behind akshay

2 decades continous performance is better than 6/7 year high and mediocre otherwise

Overall ranking will be

Just because salman fans here are more does not change this fact

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numbers dont lie my friend. you show me numbers and i will believe akshay is bigger than everyone


Current 2 years ka bol deta to maan bhi leta ki akshay Is comparable to salman lekin bhaisaab aap to overaal career me alshay ko salman se aage kardiye aur srk ko sabse aage...chalo pata chal gya tum srkian ho varna akshay ko top pe rakhte.Salman ne srk ki itni maari hai ki uske fans dusre actor ka help leke srk ko top pe rakh rahe hai LOL.

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