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My Guesstimate is something like

Before 2000s - 10-15

2000-2004 - 35-50

2005-2009-  325-350

2010-2012 -  120-130

2013-2016 -  70-80

2017- present - 15

My total guess is that i would have nearly watched 650-700 movies in theatre including repeat by now

80% movies i watched in single screen in 25-50 Rs price

What is your guess ?

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84 only , i thought you were a big movie buff consdering how much you are into movie stats


@Jatinder which were the south Indian films language wise.. I remember you watching Bigil in theater.


Other 3 are the obvious ones, though dubbed. 2 Baahubalis and 2.0.


Hmm then Hindi only or Hindi dubbed category. Bigil was the one you watched in original language with subtitles. Chose a wrong Vijay movie which had Vijayisms but definitely not Atlee's best. Hope Srkians are not expecting Bigil or Mersal stuff from Atlee for Srk.

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approx 1000 movies.

90s and before - 800 plus single screen

2000s - 200 plus mostly in single screen

2010s - 50 movies mostly in multiplex.

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Are you even serious?? 700 movies? I guess i have seen 30-40 films in my life in theatres.

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what only 30/40 lol i had 4/5 theatres just walking distance from my homee and half my tution classes were in theatre only
i have literally watched so many movies with 3/4 friends of mine only in theatre

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Just some repeat watching:
Karan Arjun-6
Dilwale (Ajay)-4

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and your overall estimate roughly ?


Multiplying Salman's 70 other movies×2.
Aamir Khan 30×1/2.
Anil Kapoor-1/2 ×50 approx.
Others-approx 150.

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My number would be the same as yours. 500-600 easily.

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I have watched a total of around 60 movies in theatres till date not counting rewatches

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around 40-45

I ll only give u pre 90 list just for fun

Sholay - star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
jaani dost - 2 times Darby cinema Dongri, mumbai
Pratighat - 2 times star cinema mazgoan, Mumbai
jungle me mangal 2 times star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
Apradh (firoz khan) star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
meri awaz suno star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
phul khile hai gulshan gulshan star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
Ali baba 40 chor star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
Mr. India star cinema mazgoan, mumbai
Dance dance capital cinema fort, mumbai

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Akshay movies 200 times to theatre nearly
Other stars nearly 200-250

So overall 400-450 times to theatre

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