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I watch 3/4  movies per year These 15  movies i watched in nearly 3/4  years

Sairat JHMS Judwaa TZH Sanju (3 times)

Raazi 2.0 Race 3  Thugs Zero Raid

Kalank Avengers  Good news Tanhaji

Best -- Sairat  Sanju Raazi Raid

Worst --  Zero JHMS  Good news 2.0

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5-10 (1 vote, 17%)
10-20 (1 vote, 17%)
20-30 (0 votes)
>30 (2 votes, 33%)
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Your answer hurt me more too.

And you made a best & worst list. Worst mein Race 3 kidhar hai? How can you disrespect the list itself without mentioning the honourable entry? You people always are biased towards worst films.

Anyways to give you a context, 2017 alone I watched 87 films in theater, 58 films in theater in 2018 & 41 films in theater in 2019. Infact 2020 before lockdown itself I had watched 7 films in theater.

This is only theater counts. Adding to that, watching films at home. Anything less than 200 is a miracle.


lmao 87 movies in a year

ghar par to me bhi vaise bahut saari dekhta hun

btw i watched race 3 and enjoyed it tbh the one i found really painful to sit were zero 2.0 jhms and recently good news(


Yup 87 films in theater. Just ticket amount without tax I had spent over 20k that year. Newly shifted to bengaluru from my hometown. Getting used to living alone took a toll. I had watched 3 back to back films on a Saturday after half day at work. The whole "ghar mein jaake karna hi kya hai" feeling.

Before lockdown, I have watched 597 films in theater in my entire life. Was good fun compiling the list. I should go back around 12-13 years for me watching less than 10 films in a year. Ofcourse, before that there are years without watching a single film in theater during school days. The movie watching madness started in college only.

And to your last line....

I've watched Race 3 twice (price to pay for over confidently pre-booking tickets for two days), dil pr patthar rakh kar bhi I won't be able to say what you have said there.

You a friend of Charlie Jatinder from our forum? Because you & him are the only ones who have bashed Good Newwz, otherwise almost everybody I know have praised it. Ofcourse yet to watch it myself but I kinda have good expectation from that film unlike a Housefull 4.


i now prefer watching movie in home
but i would have definitely crossed your figure by good margin

in 11th 12th alone i would have watched 200 movies half my tution classes were in theatre only
and then 4 year btech again more than 200 movies more
but allthem were between 30-50 rs price

Good newzz i hate for multiple reazons it got reviews like sholay on social media wasted 280 on that crap and then to tolerate kareena for 2-3 hours
trust me hf4 better than that crap i slept in theatre in last 30-40 minutes

and regarding race 3 and thugs its just everyone jumping on bandwagon

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Including Hollywood...On an Average 80-100 movies /year in theaters....not including any streaming/online ones....
my best would be 2017(Oct)-18(Nov) where definitely 120-140 movies in theaters (including repeat watch).....where I used to go almost every other/second day!!!!

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140 movies in a year in multiplex
how much money you spent on cinema in that year ?


and that was/is the best part....
In US they started a new subscription - Moviepass ..where u just need to pay 10 dollars a month and u can watch 1 movie a day....so 2017-18 spent only 120 dollars for 120+ movies.....and no doubt Company went bankrupt!!!!!

But now/currently I pay 24$ a month for AMC chain...where I can watch 3 movies a week/12 a month...and any format...IMAX/3D etc....but only in AMC theatres.....
In addition to that I took another subscription for 12$ a month for remaining chain United/Regal (but only Standard format)...
So in total I am paying fixed 36$ a month to watch any movie any theater any time!!!

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I only watch movies of Megastar and other top superstars today i.e Akshay Ranbir Ranveer
Baaki i do not have fokat money to waste on other chindi stars

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Matlab seedha sawaal ho tab bhi jawaab ulta dena hota hai?


this is normal answer i think and anyway even when i give simple answer sallu fans spam my answer with comments


@saaransh it would be nicer if you had mentioned the number too in your answer. You just explained what / whose films you watch, good. The question particularly asks how many films a year.


its the same count number of akshay ranbeer ranveer and 1 or 2 here and there so around 8-10

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Depends. Mostly its somewhere between 7 to 12 for me every year. 4 or 5 I have to watch....the rest I'm dragged along by family/friends etc.

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2 to 3 movies in theater...........

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