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Don is a really intelligent guy, would be such a good match to both Tiger and Kabir. I say make a crossover, koi bhi ek bana do...it would be huge at the box office. What is the bo potential of both and which one would you prefer to watch?
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How about Tiger and Kabir vs Don.

Now the movie will be explosive, filled with great action, spellbounding chases, ridiculous stunts and action packed set pieces.

Let's go for the climax.....

Tiger and Kabir finally beats Don and catches him, have him arrested to a highly secured prison

They go their separate ways and then when they reach home Tiger finds Zoya and Jr dead and Kabir finds Ruhi dead..... Meanwhile there has been a massive explosion in that prison where Don was kept and no one survived

Months later..... Tiger and Kabir are slowly getting over their sadness and the world thinks that Don died in that explosion..... But someplace on the far side of the world a car stops by and a girl comes towards the car..... The window is down, the girl asks..... That was a close one, mai to dar hi gayi thi

The voice from inside the car says..... Ch ch ch, Sweetheart.....Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi.......... Hahahahahahah..!!

The End..!!

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Hahahahhahaha. Good one. Yeah don is one smartass. He would give both Tiger and Kabir some real headache.


Pure goosebumps...same thought.

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Kabir vs Tiger.............

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I can't see Don fitting into either series. I would rather have Tiger vs Kabir. That should be interesting.

Both Tiger and Kabir are operating under the shadows since their last movies. They work under different branches of the same organization, so their competing bosses ask them to go and finish a mission before the other one.

Both reach at their destination, and after a chase sequence with a minor villain, they decide to work together and get the mission done ASAP.

But the problem arises when Kabir sees the main bad guy behind everything. It's Khalid, who survived the last movie's events and has been brainwashed by the villains. Unwilling to share the information with Tiger, he decides to go his own way to save Khalid and recover his memory.

The rest of the movie follows 2 tracks, as Tiger tries to end the mission (killing Khalid in the process), and Kabir tries to recover Khalid and save him from Tiger.

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It should be Tiger vs Kabir.

The only two stars who are best for these roles and can give blockbusters.

Srk is not so good at these kind of movies.

The footfalls are proof for that.

His max limit would be 1.5-1.6cr FF in these action movies.

But we need stars who give 2cr+ FF and only hrithik and salman can give for these kind of movies.

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With all due respect to the Huge Superstardom SRK possess , he isn't as big as Salman/HR in Action image especially among masses.
Actually he has never tried to build that image though he has huge fanbase all over but due to his romantic/family and masala movies.
Don is not really that big franchise compared to Tiger or War. It's mild franchise comparably with less brand value than Tiger so by that Don should lose but they can't show Srk lose as that would be a huge blunder.
But Salman vs Srk will create historic audience reception , both are different characters one is positive other one is negative but they can't show anyone among them losing, so writer need to find the perfect balance.
While Salman and HR are the biggest force in Action genre, they have delivered huge blockbusters in past in Action genre Tiger franchise, Dhoom2, Krish franchise, Kick,KA, Bodyguard or war.
They performed their best in action genre and they look very comfortable while doing it.
Tiger vs Kabir is a real possibility both are in same universe, so Tiger and Kabir teaming up for a mission in Tiger 3 or war2 would be a cracker.
It will be magnum opus project so I hope any capable hand to make it true.

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Kabir vs don sounds great. But both of them should very given equal roles..it can't be like tiger's character as srk is still a big star. And eventually one of them will obviously have the upper hand. So I don't think either of them will agree to do it. That's why there hasn't been any movies with 2 superstars for a long time because of ego problems. But still if they somehow make it happen..it'll be a treat to watch.

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so according to you kaabil and mohenjodaro had good reviews??
This sums it up as you just want to defend your fav star flop movies by saying they got bad reviews lol..
mohenjodaro was out right flop after trailer and opening proved it.
But still it had more footfalls than JHMS which had atleast better buzz than mjo with good music.
coming to kaabil,it was a small film,yes opening was less and top of that it had clash with most hyped raaes.
Look,this decade all of the srk films are commercial films which he is good at.
Thats why they have taken good opening.

Could you tell me why swades and chak de india took poor opening despite being touted as NO.1 star and he was coming after blockbusters at that time.

It all depends on the kind of movies stars do.
Even salman gave 18cr with tubelight on eid which is v less considering the stardom he had,but tubelight was completely off from salmans other films,thats why opening was less.
So all depend on factors.


In the action genre, big budget commerical movie, HR is now bigger than SRK. Had a bang bang clashed with raaes or rustom, opening would be vastly different than what it was. Hence I said it. If HR makes War2, Krrish4 and some more action stuff, he will be the no 1 star in the future.


what do they , one needs good heart at admitting few things..
They will never agree..
This decade srk has not done any expirements or small movies at all,thats why all his movie openings were good...
Thats why i had to give example of swades and CDI..

Hrithik has sureshot 2 blockbusters in his kitty with krrish4 and War and if he keeps doing at rapid pace then he will end up having more blockbusters than srk..only thing he will not have is ATBB,which has become very tough for any star after 2000


He needs some exceptional content for that ATBB, apart from Aamir it's tough for everyone nowadays. Yeah he can give 5-6 BB, if he goes down the action route. That's his strong area.

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Tiger vs Kabir for me.

But I feel Kabir needs more achievements under his belt to hang with Tiger. He just battled it out with a youngster. Tiger is a veteran.

Or it can again be a teacher vs student and Tiger can be the one who taught Kabir.

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Yeah that is true. Tiger vs don. Would be a cracker. Don is a mastermind and so is Tiger. Both are experienced....would be some battle.


That student was shot dead na and Kabir killed India's biggest enemy also all corrupt officers in system.
Both Tiger and Kabir are top notch Raw officers and at same level i feel. Kabir was the best in the business so they needed someone hardcore to catch him you remember.
Tiger and Kabir have long past history, there has always been bad blood between them, they have different styles of work and now they have been brought together to fight against a common villian (Don) that nobody has managed to do .
There'll be ego tussles, they'll try to out do each other, Don will take advantage of their lack of unity and there'll be a huge disaster then they come to their senses and track down Don together and at last they parts way to their world.


War onwards and beyond HR is bigger with the right movie. SRK has lost his goodwill which got reflected in opening numbers too for zero. Having said that, he still has it in him to give an ATG if Hirani makes his kind of movie.


First if all i commented on wrong place...so let me ...delete it here...placed where it was actually intended..

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don v tiger me to public paagal ho jaayegi theatre me

but for all twists and turns and movie wise Kabir v Don will be great

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bhai tiger and don movies are two different atmospheres one was massy other one was classy


hahahana sallu fans ko kya difference pata dono me jo bhai ne kar diya vahi sab hai


@saaransh tujhe pata hai kya tujhe sab log joker samajhte hai idhar!!


hahah look who is talking

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Jo vi karlo par. stammering actor srk ko film pe mat lo. It would be disaster of epic proportion in history of hindi cinema

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Yes srk looks single pasli in action movies.

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Kabir vs Don would be good
Don being the baddie Kabir the raw agent dono ek doosre ki bajaane me lagenge too much fun

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