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I dont think it's a good idea. I know the situation is bad right now, but why not wait till the end of the year to see how things go?? The smaller movies are good to have on ott platforms. Not the biggies.

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but how long will producers wait they will too lose money coz of rising interests and even if theatres open somehow it will take another 6/7 months for things to get normal


Yeah man, I still believe there's a chance of things getting back to shape by xmas. Chalo, LB is still fine to stream on OTT, Sooryavanshi should hold back. It's a huge movie best enjoyed in theatres.


sooryavanshi ott hui to akki fans danga kara denge bolywood me


I still say there's an outside chance Xmas might bring things to a normal. Let's see. If all biggies start coming on ott,damn...not good at all.


there will be some conventions to follow plus no way families will be risking a movie soon


Chindi akki fans who never gave a ATBB, HGOTY kya danga karenge ..
Waise hi saal mein 4 baar aata tha ab OTT pe nahi aaya toh kya hoga ..


tier 3 fanbase aur star ko bina pata chale movie release ho jayegi OTT par

no one includes him in such big decisions. They just make him work 40 days and decide other stuff about the movie


haan tabhi sallu ne akki aur rohit ke per pakad liye the clash hataane ke liye


do you see akki here??
koun pairo me gira hoga, i leave that for you to guess


sallu ko pata tha agar clash ho gaya to fir use akki se kantaap padega publicly


Saaransh, facts ko facts se reply karo na bhai. Question ye tha why wasn't Akshay consulted / asked before postponing Sooryavanshi?? I mean when was the last time you saw director of a movie announcing new release date with another star instead of the lead actor??

Chalo 2010 men debut hua Salman ka, 9 saalon men itna stardom to kamaa lia na ki dusron ki release date bhi influence kar le? That is also an achievement. I dont recall any other star doing that in the first decade of his career.


Get ready Intense. For an idiotic reply


this is my simple point akki is way more consistent than sallu he is doing very good for 2 decades sraight and overall he is ahead coz salman only had 6/7 good years versus akki 2 decades


Seinfeld, saraansh must have put in some research to claim that Salman's career started in 2010. Wahi to bola. Pehle 10 saal men itne blockbuster/bumper opener/hgoty/no clash aur dusron ki release date bhi decide kar do...aisa to kisi new comer ne nahi kia ysse pehle.


Saaransh, 1994 was good for Akki..(the blockbuster Mohra had Sunil shetty who was a star then)But the whole 90s he was behind the Khans. Much behind. 2000s brought good times for him as he is very good at comedy and that genre was kinda big then. Post 2008, he struggled again till 2015(barring RR), 2016 se abhi tak hes going good.

He is not consistent. He's struggled when his comfortable genres are not there. 2000-2008 small successes, and now 2016-2019. That makes it 11 out of the 30 years he has been in Bollywood.


Yeah he knows more about Salman's bad phase and less about akki's achievements.

The guy claimed that akki has 4 superhits. Doesn't even know facts about his own favourite and just keeps on talking smack about others.


Ooo bhai.. yeh kya kar diya.. bubble burst kar diya

Abhi dekho machhli kaise tadapti hai pani se bahar lane ke baad


Salman vs Akshay

Talking purely on Box office records ..
200 cr domestic net movies ..
Salman - Kick, BB, Sultan & TZH - 4 and Akshay - 1
300cr net movies
Salman - BB, Sultan & TZH - 3 and Akshay - 0
ATBB - Salman -MPK, HAHK & BB - 3 and Akki - 0
Overseas US $ 10 million movies Salman - 6 Akki - 0 ..
Blockbuters Salman - 12 Akki - 02
HGOTY - Salman - 10 Akki - 0
Lastly If you have iota of shame left then you in your wildest dreams shd dare to compare Salman with Akki ...


lrdwh....i dont compare akki to salman he is not worth comparing


Yeah ird.

for once i agree with this guy. pls dont.

He really isnt worth comparing with Salman


1-They can save almost 30cr intrest and 25-30cr P&A if they opt for OTT.
That's 55cr.
2-OTT release can bring them on upwards of 120cr easily.
3-Satelite rights will bring them another 80cr and there's music rights too.
It's an event movie and deserve a theater release too but they can manage some handsome profit in these uncertain times.

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Movies get what they deserve. LB was anyway going to be a cheap rip off which would again be a mediocre hit.

I think going forward all the movies of small stars like MEGASUPERSTAR Akki should release on MX player. Netflix and Prime should be for Ranbir.

All others deserve a theater release. I'd still pay my money to watch an SRK disappointment rather than waste my time and money on a 40 day junk made by akki

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there has to be a line that should not be crossed, if you are not mature enough then I suggest you dont get in such heated arguments.


Saaransh, you've repeatedly been crossing the line and spamming every post, answer, comment with the same stuff and we've been tolerant enough to let you do that. But you're not allowed to use such words for any actor. Troll or whatever you want to but within limits


Book of legedseries.....chapter 5

in early 2020s it is said some brutal form of action were seen, as An eye witness states and i quote "felt like a tremor" it happened during the course of COVID-19 ..... it was a very very hot day outside..... crows and vultures flying over the barren wasteland that was modern day planet , out of nowhere..... corporal Seinfeld killed 3 birds with one stone.
it was ruthless..... and he was known to be on a spree...... with nothing to stop him and unlimited amount of stones at his disposal....it was inevitable.....


Lmaooooooo. This was good.

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Tier- 2 stars are now megastars lol....... He is still struggling to cross 3 idiots non inflated.

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@intense why not it is a indication of fan following infact it is the biggest indication as its real sampling statistically
now its rare to find a real aamir fan there may be some who admire him like me itself for his some movies but not fans
and if you think just conduct a online poll on any social media or other and see the results if aamir even gets ahead of anyone or more than 1/2% votes i assume he has any fans in almost any poll on twitter he stands there right bottom even below the likes of ayushhman and siddhart

@kashyap lol we saw how BOI placed him below mithun and rishi fight with their fans akshay's left wrist has more fan following than aamir khan


That list boi gave was about ten actors who gave 25 hits..aamir has very few hits.. But among them most are big grossers..and do you think he achieved all those major records in his career without any fans? And you are talking about social media polls where hardly 5k people vote..and even if Varun/tiger makes a film..those people will not come to the theatres on the first day..because most of them don't care..if you judge their popularity by these polls then get out of your delusion..I remember Varun's papa kjo in an interview saying that just because 10k people show up in your live events doesn't mean they will come to see your film on the first day/ weekend.. But now I know you'll say the same thing that rajiv bhatia is the mega star.


it clearly stated Biggest stars ever not specifically 25 hits dont state wrong facts I will put the excerpt

This is not counting the HITS given as character artistes which will add to the numbers. These actors are the biggest that the Hindi film industry has ever seen.

It is clear as crystal


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Akshay Kumar is a Megastar.
Who are Aamir, Salman, Shahrukh and Hrithik?

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lemme break it down
srk no hits in ages
aamir i dont count him no stardom/fan following plus he works like part time actor from 2015-2021 he will have one success only
salman he is now delievering flops on festivals too consistently
and see akshay's performance then
akshay is superstar if khans are star
akshay is megastar today if khans are superstar

and Hrithik lol i thought you were serious till i read this

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Pehli baat akki megastar nahi hai dusri baat LB theater main aa k konsi 250cr krleti krti toh wohi na 150cr then who cares?

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OTT is better bet for Sooryavanshi wnd all movies waiting for release.

Theaters aren't opening for a long time and even when they do, there will be social distancing norms that will have to be followed, which in turn will affect the occupancy of movies.

Then there is matter of overseas, no one knows how long before theaters open in which country.

So all the movies which are ready must come on our mobile and desktop screens.

Otherwise there are only loses for them as long as the delay.

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will ott pay 220-250 crores for sooryavanshi when for a niche gulabo sitaro they paid 80 crores

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Release it, release Sooryavanshi too
Situations won't get any better before December and then the interest levied will easily cross 30cr and P&A will be 30. So they can save 60cr, it was already a huge budget movie too.
Bolly failed to bully them in 2009.
Now they have the chance
Chains don't increase shared revenue 50-42-35 at least 5% hike
They don't decrease interval time
They don't keep rational price for F&B
Change is a universal truth, they didn't care when SS were abolished.
So why they need sympathy when OTT is doing the same anyway Theater culture in India won't end very soon, OTT still has no reach but honestly except handful of event movies no Bollywood movie deserve a theater release.

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