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Sachin Tendulkar was out in his 190s but umpire wanted to ‘make it back to hotel’: Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn jokes that umpire Ian Gould did not give Sachin Tendulkar out when he was in his 190s - minutes before he scored the first 200 in ODI cricket - because Gould did not want to antagonize the home crowd.


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Why Dhoni?


because he was not giving much strike to sachin when overs were running out and sachin was approaching 200


Sachin was tired. He wanted Dhoni to take the strike more.


i am saying between 197-200 runs

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Sachin Tendulkar was not out.......

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haha se sab toh bahut chalta tha 2000s ke pehle when neutral umpires were not there

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us bucknor ne akele hi sachin ke 1 2 hazaar runs kam kardiye honge

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Take it as a joke.....................

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Sachin Tendulkar was wrongly given out 39 times even by the count of most conservatives.
Once he was out 'body before wicket' in Australia

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