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50+ today .............

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in 90s even 40 was a very good average considering how the pitches and bowlers were at that time
an average of 42/43 in 90s is easily equivalent to 50 now esp in odi and even in tests it will be more today
today all we have is cement tracks even deadly pitches once in australia are now flat lifeless tracks

but if batsmen has 50 + in both tests and odi today that is a good average imo

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It's changed.

40 was the gold standard in the 90s. In ODIs, even 30 was a very good average, especially for openers.

50+ meant elite batsmen in the 90s.

If Sachin and Lara were batting today, they'd have a test average of 70+ easily. The game favors baseman today, so 50 is the new 40.

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50 plus is good today. In the 90s, 40plus was excellent.

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test - 50 plus

odi - 45 plus

t 20 - 40 plus

90s and before

test - 40

odi - 35

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