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Youtube v Tik Tok the end  removed.

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Aise toh sab videos remove karo uske.. thats really shitty from YT's side

These a holes just want to benefit from those content creators.. need a better platform.. for now nothing better is on the horizon

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yes there are all kinds of horrible videos on youtube and this was a reply against some comments on youtube by the tiktokers

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OK done questions

#1.) What is You Tube vs Tik Tok

#2.) Why was it trending

#3.) Why is it such a big deal

#4.) Who the scruck is Carey Minati

Want to comment then comment on all 4 questions in order and in detail, advance thank you very much.

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1) Youtube Vs Tiktok is a fight happening between youtubers and tiktok it all started when One youtuber who isn't even a roaster roasted some tik tokers for their cringe content and then a tiktoker replied by tagging alnost all famous Indian roaster youtubers thus adding fuel to the fire and a big fight broke off
2) Why was it trending comon mate Its India everything trends besides both tiktok and youtube are huge mediums with huge following so yeah it was trending
3) It is not a big deal but you know people from both sides are making it one and then ofcourse Indians love fight and dramas so yeah they fans of both those who support youtube and those who support tiktok were involved so it became a big deal
4) CarryMinati is an Indian youtuber who bascially makes roast videos he made a roast video on Tiktok named Youtube Vs Tiktok The End which had the most likes for a Indian Video with 10million likes


So what i got from these answers are.......... All this is a bunch of bullshit with bored people who have nothing important to do..... Right??




whether you hate them or like they are the future, and are more popular than some of b town new stars

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I have absolutely no idea what this is about.

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see in thunderbird's reply this was in the youtube vs tiktok fight with becoming most liked video on youtube in India just 4/5 days with 10m + likes


Read my reply to @TB's answer to understand it @Intense


@Intense read my reply, it'll clear everything.

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And the reason they gave is cyber bullying fir toh pewdiepie ke videos bhi remove krne the in which he roasted against India that created a lot of hate against Indians
Infact all videos of Carryminati should be removed by thay logic anyways sabko pata hai ye kyu hua hai haha tiktokers ki jal gyi
Also F*ck Tiktok Indian Tiktok is the worst they are literally next level cringe beside the sexual and communal hatred spread there

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youtube did remove some of his songs or atleast banned them in india


Lmao removing in the only country against which it is aimed yeah real equality great

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thats good mob mentality should never win
rules should be the same for everyone
if this roast was against some particular religon communtiy or nation then there would have been an uproar on banning it
and this is just the same
just because you hate tik tok does not make cyber bullying ok

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There is diff in cyber bullying and roasting but no suprise in you making both same i knew you will never get it


why was pewdiepies congratulations banned in india then?
how is it different from this
both targeted a particular community


By your logic both pewdiepie and carryminati and all such other channels should be banned by youtube and there are literally thousands of videos on youtube which goes against their own rules which are still there but as i see you seem to be a tiktok fan so not gonna argue with you


haha law should be same for everyone thats all i am saying
we indians got triggered over his video and they removed it and there was no uproar then
but now since we liked this video but it had the same theme of targeting a community we are against it
i am not against banning anything but then the audience should be open minded and accept all types of jokes whether against them too
aib roast is another example of people getting offended over some shitty stuff
just be consistent

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