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I live in London, UK. Things have eased a little bit although the restrictions are there. I heard the cinema may reopen in July depending on the situation but I doubt it. Audience won't rush quickly to theatres due to the fear of this virus. If they do reopen then some measures will be made in terms of social distancing.

What matters is people don't get affected by this virus. I'm allowed to go out for a walk and meet anyone but I have to be 2 metres away from that person. That's how important this social distancing is for everyone.

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the only positive thing is i am reaching peak fitness
rest everything is bad

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biggest positive: my days started from 8am in the morning and I got back home at 11:30pm. I was very tired all the time.

now that I'm home all the time, both studies and work have become much easier and I have much more time to relax.

my parents were visiting when the lockdown started and flights closed. so we're together for an extended period after a long time.

I'm generally an optimistic person so I'm choosing not to see all the horrible things this lockdown has brought.

as for cinemas, haven't heard anything. cinemas anyhow won't make any revenue until Bollywood ban is lifted.

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Lockdown situation is ok in my area although it is still in orange zone but we have only 40 cases with 2 deaths 37 recovered and 1 active case so hopefully we will move to green zone next month
Coming to cinemas opening i don't think that is the priority right now so don't see cinemas opening any time soon

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I am from Mumbai and everybody known the condition here..... Very very critical situation here in mumbai. People not follow social distancing and lockdown is also not strict here. People freely move here and there without using mask.

As par govt. Sources 16738 cases reported here and almost every day 1000 new cases added here. 621 people already death. And most importantly the biggest slum of Asia Dharavi condition is worst here.

Govt. Can't control situation here and looks like corona already cross 3rd stage in mumbai.

God help mumbai please......

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Nothing is positive right now. As for cinemas re opening...doesnt look like it till the end of 2020 or beginning 2021.

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