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Naani in Telugu was a big disaster. The bilingual which was also shot in Tamil with director SJ Suryah also debuting as hero, was a hit in Tamil despite the controveries & eventually SJ Suryah being arrested over the vulgar content. 

Mahesh Babu's sister produced the film. The film itself being inspired from Tom Hanks starrer Big [1988], they went further ahead & much of the double meaning comedy was not appreciated by the family audience. 

A R Rahman still gave a chartbuster album with one great song written on mothers. Also, the film had one of the best written + executed climax among all time. 

Mahesh Babu had admitted publicly "it was his big mistake to do this film."


Naani - The Magic Man Official Hindi Dubbed Theatrical Trailer. 


Naani - The Magic Man Official Full Hindi Dubbed Movie.


The Telugu version movie, video songs are not officially available on YouTube anymore as they have been removed. Otherwise uncut version of the film was available on YouTube with entire Ramya Krishnan sub plot intact with the song. The same in Tamil version led to police complaints & ofcourse Kiran Rathod played Ramya Krishnan's role. The Telugu version however, never released in theaters with her scenes + song. 

Still sharing this gem of a song dedicated to all mothers,



The film released in Mysore amidst strict theatrical rules that was revoked with Veer-Zaara. So for 4-7 weeks, non-Kannada films weren't allowed to release simultaneously in Karnataka. The film had released 7 weeks after it had released in rest of India. 

I had already watched the film in camrip print by renting vcd & had enjoyed the film. So, when it released, I made my friends watch the film 3 times in theater with me. We bunked classes to watch this film on Friday, Saturday & Monday. Not Sunday because there was no way going out of the house for a movie, bunking college was always easier. The craze for the film among us 16 year olds were something else back then.

I still believe the audience were way too hard on the movie & ofcourse SJ Suryah went way too slapstick. Imagine the fact that a film where Mahesh Babu is the hero, the villains are Brahmanandam & Ali. Plus, the film was not an action film but a sci-fi comedy. 

After our Friday show, one of the guy waiting for the matinee show had just one question for us & it was not how is the movie. It was "how many fights are there in the movie?". Telugu films mainly ran on this demand. Reason why even family dramas had 2 mandatory action scenes. 

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I think mahesh babu ki disaster movies sabse jyada hai phir bhi top star main hai how


@Srk999 because his blockbusters are such big earners. Plus fan following is a different thing & box office has less impact.

Otherwise Pawan Kalyan should be considered a lesser star but you know what a force he is.

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It was a childish movie TBH so yeah no way telugu audience was going to accept it still amazed how tamil audience accepted it plus FIR woohh thats really harsh

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