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Please describe seperately in odis and test matches and overall
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Virat Kohli will turn 32 this November. Lets assume he will retire at 38. So that leaves us with 6 years of cricket starting from 2021.

The last 3 years, he has hit 6,6,5 centuries in ODI cricket. Assuming an average of 4 centuries per year from now will give 24 more centuries. But assuming drop in form, injury etc, assuming 20 centuries as bare minimum. That gives 63 ODI centuries.

In tests, since the number of matches played are less, and he hit an average of 2-3 centuries per year (only 2017&2018 he had a break out year and hit 5 each), assuming 3 centuries from now will give 18 centuries. That gives a total of 45 Test Centuries

Maybe add 1-2 T20 centuries as well.
This gives a total of 110 International Centuries. That is, another 40 more from now in the next 6 years. This is almost impossible for any player, but his records show that he can do it.

Even if we account for injuries, form drop, fatigue and missing matches, 105 centuries will easily be achieved. Tendulkar's ODI Centuries & total centuries will definitely be broken, but test centuries of 51 seems highly unlikely.

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Odis: 60 centuries
Tests: 42 centuries

Overall it will be 102 centuries by the time he leaves the game. He's the greatest batsman of this generation but imo he can get to these numbers only if he decides to leave captaincy at some point.

I want him to go on as test captain but, not in odis. It's too much burden. The likes of Lara, Tendulkar, ABD etc were also burdened by the same at some point in their careers.

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Odis: 60 centuries
Tests: 45 centuries

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