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With the lockdown going on and no major releases in sight, the following are the box office predictions of major films had everything been normal in the country. The prediction is based on the buzz of the film, first look posters, teasers etc that have been released up till now. 

1. Baaghi 3: 125-130cr (HIT)
2. Sooryavanshi: ₹275cr+ (BLOCKBUSTER)
3. 83: ₹325cr+ (BLOCKBUSTER)
4. Coolie No. 1: ₹125-130cr (HIT)
5. Radhe: ₹175cr+ (Due to Eid Clash. Might have been ₹225cr+ if Solo Verdict will depend on budget)

6. Laxmi Bomb: ₹160cr+ (Due to Eid Clash. Might have been 200cr+ if Solo. Verdict will be SUPER HIT Anyway might not release in theatres )

7. Bhuj: ₹175cr+ (SUPER HIT) 3 way Independence Day Clash

8. Jersey: ₹200cr+ (BLOCKBUSTER) Collections will depend on music. If it's as good as KS, then anything possible

9. Prithiviraj: ₹250cr+ (SUPER HIT/BLOCKBSUTER) Verdict depends on Budget

10. Brahmastra: Difficult to predict. Either an epic disaster or ATBB

11. Maidaan: ₹150cr+ (HIT)

12. LSC: ₹325cr+ (BLOCKBUSTER)

Share your predictions as well!

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SV: 270cr
83: 180cr
Radhey: 225cr (dont trust PD)
LB: 150cr
Prithviraj: Can go either way as it does with historicals. Either a 250cr or a 125cr movie.
LSC: 400cr
Brahmastra: 140cr
Coolie no 1 : 125cr

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A movie based on ms dhoni, arguably the biggest sports icon of our nation....did it become hgoty? Same goes for 83. It's being overrated by everyone. Only LSC had chances to be hgoty.


Yeah that's true, but 180cr nett is just 1.2-1.3 cr footfalls at today's ticket rates.

I just feel that looking at the look of the actors they have hired to play the other team members, the date announcement video and Ranveer's acting & star power, this should cross 300cr minimum.

Lets see though, whenever the film releases!


Ranveer has no star power. He's been helped big time by SLB and then Rohit. Content will play a major role which will be good definitely. But not enough to be hgoty.


Varun has more star power than ranveer. Ranveer is overrated.

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Brahmastra 335+
Sooryavanshi 275+
83 200+
Radhe 175+

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lol.Tu sirf if but imagination ki baat kar ..If ye hota toh every movie you mentioned would have been big disaster!! And you cant prove me wrong because it just fiction.so come in reality..No movie will release in 2020

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And that's why the title is "BOX OFFICE PREDICTION".

Of course I know no major film will release this year. Best case is Diwali. It's a discussion forum here and we are putting our point of views.

And all films disaster? Sure. Whoever your favourite actor is, sirf uska film hit hoga. Baaki sab fuddu actors hai jinke films nai chalenge.

Reality kharab chal raha hai sab ka, thats why i'm asking for an opinion to start a discussion.


lol ab sirf imagination kar k baith ...Haha

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Everybody knows that lockdown currently running in the country and major release this year is very tough. So why I assume everything normal and given prediction here. When a thing is not happening than why I predicted here? That's called no sense......

People here in india spend life in imagination not in reality that's why India is still developing country. I love my india but not love those people which is living in imagination.

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reply chahiye toh de deta hu

kya India developing country? How is that even related. It's a forum, I am sharing my opinion. Jinhe discuss karna hai, unhe karne de.

Theek hai if you don't want to assume about the situation being normal in the country and predict BO, then thoda change kar leta hu.

Whenever the lockdown gets over and these films release, then how much do you predict they will collect? Yeh chalega tujhe janaab?

Koi boss nai hai tu yaha pe ki tu jo bolega woi sahi hai. Everyone has their own opinion, their own views. Ab movies chal nai rahi theatre mei and no box office collection to talk about, toh ek discussion ke liye baat nikali. Tera kuch point nai hai toh kyu comment karna hai?

India developing country nikalta hai. Jaise tu bahut kar raha hai abhi ghar pe baithke


Ye hota to wo hota to..... Jo baat possible hi nahi hoti us ka disscuession karne walo ki wajah se hi india developing country hai wo kaam tujhko ache se ataa hai.

Aur dusri baat aaage se personal mat hona warna agar kahi main personal ho gaya to forum chod dega tu.


bhai tu itna personally mat le. tu bhi chill maar.

and don't worry. me itna jaldi nai nikalne wala yeh forum se.

rahi baat development ki, toh yaha box office discussion se desh aage nai badhne wala. so shaant reh


Ajay, where is the problem? He's asked assuming if everything was fine collections kitne hote in sab movies ke? Ab kuch to soch kar questions banaenge na?

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SV: 225 cr

83: 210cr

Radhey: 200cr

LB: 150cr

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Sooryanshi is the mega block bluster 300+ crore .

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