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1- Salman Khan : 30 HITS ( 66.6cr Admits ) 2.22cr is the Average score

Total footfalls of whole career : 95cr

2- Srk Khan : 27 HITS (52.4cr Admits) 1.94cr is the Average score

Total Footfalls of whole career : 77cr

3- Aamir Khan : 18 HITS (40cr Admits) 2.22cr is the Average score

Total footfalls of whole career: 51.5cr

4- Akki Kumar : 32 HITS (40.4cr Admits) 1.26cr is the Average score

Total footfalls of whole career: 89cr

5- Ajay Devgn : 26 HITS (36.4cr Admits) 1.4cr is the Average score
Total footfalls of whole career: 68cr

Note: All the data is taken from BOI but som movies data is not available yet hence i taken approx figures to sum up the totality, it might possible my sum up is wrong on the basis of approx figures of missing data but chances are slim.

Now i invite all the members of this forum plz share your honest views without any biasdness nd prejudice nd plz put aside all the hatred nd jealousy nd come forward with positive energy nd views THANKS
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Salman Khan The Box Office Power House......... True Megastar.

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hahaha sallu was not even in top 5 in 90s he had multiple flops from 91 to 97 only in 98/99 he was good

BIG B SRK SUNNY Aamir Akshay Madhuri were the top stars then

gajab ka manipulation hai

answered by Set Designer (2.4k points)

Tu dhaant nikal k 1cr footfalls pe chindi hits k maze le bhai tera yahan kya kaam


Konsa farzi? Saaf saaf likha BOI ka data hai tu khud calculate karle akki phir b bottom pe hi hoga data BOI ki site pe hai ja calculate kar akki ki only Khiladi movie ka data nahi hai jo HIT hai uska approx tu kuch b le le aur sum up kar reality samnay ajaygi

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Judgement acc to box office :-Salman khan >Aamir khan =Shah Rukh khan >Ajay devgan>Akshay kumar

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hmmm both Salman and Akshay are nearing 100cr footfalls but I think Akki would reach there sooner due to more movies and being in better phase.

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what to Say

The Biggest modern era Superstar Salman Khan rules

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This post tells us 3 things

1.When it comes to footfalls or more watched star in theatres , salman khan is competing with legendary superstars like amitabh / Dharam

2.Shahrukh khan & Aamir khan are the same level of superstars.

3.Ajay devgan is bigger star than akshay kumar who is tier3

answered by Location Scout (4.1k points)

Difference between 77 and 95 is 18 and difference between 77 and 51 is 26....how come 18 is bigger than 26 and make SRK aamir equal....are u mentally challenged or something??


Aamir has 7 hgoty srk has 5 so 5 > 7 acc to you

Well i said both has same level of box office records in which one star may have more records in particular category like aamir has more hgotys & record openers.


When did i said about HGOT ?? When the post was HGOT?? Its was about ffs...and u answered based on ffs...right?? Or u are an online bot? Don't understand post but just answer?? Ur answer was "this post tell us"...but theres nothing about HGOTY...only ffs...and i see 26cr of ff difference.

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In Salman khan films...ffs came for many factors...Salman has less contrition...but In SRK films mainly SRK is the reason.

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